Joint Ventures

Warren Business Consulting is delighted to have entered into the following joint ventures for the marketing and delivery of management, business and leadership courses for the energy sector:


SINERJIC Logo - Featured ImageSINERJIC is a Tunisia based oil and gas consulting firm whose principal is Mohamed Abdelkader.  SINERJIC’s and its associates’ experience includes Board level positions, general management, JV management, business development, company strategic options, asset management, and project management.


PT Benchmark Training Mandiri is an Indonesia-based training firm specialising in the SE Asian E&P industry. Established in 2001 it is allied with PT OPAC Barata, who provide manpower, recruitment and technical consulting services to upstream oil, gas and mining companies in the region. The principals of Benchmark are Peter Rataj and Jeremy Dyer


EMR is a Nigerian based consulting firm providing independent technical and commercial advice to companies in, and associated with, the oil and gas  industry. The core of EMR services is the interpretation and integration of Geoscience and Engineering data. The company’s vision of being the service  provider of choice in Africa is keenly driven by Collins Ibekwe and Abiola Ajayi.


International Business House is the trusted global provider of business intelligence through conferences and training to the world’s leading downstream oil and gas businesses.



Journey is an independent business firm with primary interest in consulting, services and digital transformation in Kuwait.  The Journey team has more than 28 years of experience in the fields of technology and digital transformation in the energy sector.

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