Mark Groves Gidney

MGG 2Few individuals can match Mark Grove Gidney’s track record in some of the most challenging aspects of our industry. He brings a wealth of personal experience to illustrate the various parts of the course, from geology to joint ventures, from drilling in remote areas to dealing with investors in a stock market listing.


His particular specialities are:
• Geology
• Risk analysis and decision making
• Working with investors
• Building and leading teams

Mark is an exploration geologist by profession and he spent the first ten years of his career with major oil companies in the US and the UK, Ireland and the Mediterranean. He then embarked on a 20 year career as a consultant, building Exploration Geosciences, a company that provided extensive knowledge of oil producing basins in North America, Australia, Russia, Libya, Bangladesh, Hungary and the entire Arctic region for majors, banks and junior oil companies all over the world.


After selling his consultancy, Mark set up and ran Trap Oil , a UK E&P company which he took public in 2011 on the London Exchange; this was an exciting but often difficult time in both financial markets and the North Sea as the world economy recovered from the 2009 crash and drilling costs escalated.


Mark now focuses on transferring his knowledge and experience to the next generation of E&P leaders. Summing up a leadership career that has encompassed technical, corporate, entrepreneurial and financial responsibilities, he says:

“One of the key lessons I’ve picked up from all my of my various roles in our industry is the importance of understanding the bigger picture. It’s a hugely complex business and it’s not enough to be a specialist in just one area – you need to know how the whole jigsaw fits together.”

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