Bryan Gundersen

bng_profileAcknowledged as one of the world’s leading oil and gas lawyers by the International Who’s Who of Energy Lawyers and numerous other publications, Bryan brings over 30 years experience in energy law to the Contracts courses

As a course director, Bryan aims to inspire his audience with a combination of compelling case studies, group discussion and challenging exercises. Amidst all his legal successes, he says, “there is nothing quite like being able to help the next generation master the legal complexities of our industry.”

In his professional career Bryan has acted for the New Zealand Government, state owned enterprises and a variety of major American, European, Japanese, Australian and New Zealand companies. He has been involved in contracts and negotiations at almost every stage of a project lifecycle, from exploration to decommissioning.

He is also the author or co-author of over 100 articles, books and papers on the energy sector and oil and gas legislation, and a regular speaker and chair at industry events. He is a former chairman of LawAsia Energy and the Energy Law Association of New Zealand.

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