Oil and Gas Training in Bali

We welcomed delegates from CNOOC, Repsol, OPAC and Hay Group to our 5 Day MBA in Oil and Gas in Bali in September.

The SE Asian oil industry has not been immune to the problems facing the upstream sector elsewhere so it was encouraging to see local firms continuing to invest in training. Angus Warren delivered the long-established course, which was held in Indonesia for the first time. As always, the course was highly interactive and there was plenty of debate on current oil and gas issues.

There was a lively discussion about the value of information, and a simple puzzle was discussed at length to demonstrate that we can use new information in exploration drilling to dramatically improve our chance of success.

One topic that came up was the pros and cons of “functional” versus “business unit” organisational structure in E&P companies. There’s no simple answer – much depends on the size and culture of the organisation – but getting it right can have a dramatic effect on both company performance and personal career development. Management consultants Hay Group have kindly offered to pen a blog on this and we look forward to their submission later in October.

All in all, another successful oil and gas training course due in large part to the excellent contribution of our delegates.

Our thanks to them all for their participation and valuable feedback.

We are back in Indonesia in January 2016 with our 3 Day MBA in Oil & Gas – do get in touch if you are interested in joining this programme.

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