Digital Transformation in Energy – what’s your view?

Digital Transformation (DX) is the hot topic of the moment. How will it affect the energy sector – and is the energy sector ready for it? These are some of the questions we pose in our new survey on Digital Transformation in Energy as we try to find out how companies are approaching this issue.

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For some companies this is a strategic, company-wide initiative that will fundamentally change the way the business runs.  For others, it’s more of a drive for innovation in a few specific functions. And for others, it’s primarily an organisational issue, driven by IT.  But in large, well-established companies, any change programme can be difficult if it disrupts existing work practices or alters existing organisational structures. Add in the challenge of new technological skills and the threat of machine learning replacing human intellect, and you have a considerable leadership challenge.

More positively, DX offers plenty of opportunities – for companies, to be more efficient, to improve decision making, to increase revenues or reduce risks – and for individuals to develop new skills and open up new career paths. What’s your view? Where is the greatest potential and what are the key success factors? Is it easier for a start-up in renewables than a long established oil major?

We are gathering feedback from all parts of the energy sector – upstream and downstream oil and gas, renewables, the service companies and we welcome your input. The results will also help in the development of our new Digital Transformation in Energy course – see details here. We will be publishing the results shortly in a white paper so you can see what the industry is doing and what’s considered best practice.

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  1. Kirunda Emmanuel says:

    This is also à technological advancement that will help in minimizing wastage of resources and emback on improving the energy sector with minimum resources being used

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