Nigerian firms invest in the future with management training

Despite the pressures brought on by the low oil price, it is encouraging to see Nigerian companies are still prepared to invest in training. WBC’s latest MBA course in Lagos had attendees from a variety of banks, insurance companies and offshore support contractors. The course ran in January at the excellent Eko hotel.


Run over 5 days, the course included a talk from local specialist Adebiyi Adesosun, a veteran of the Nigerian oil and gas business, who focused on the gas sector and risk management. We also discussed the Petroleum Industry Bill at some length and the likely time frame for delivery in light of the low oil price. The conclusion: until the price is comfortably back above $50 we are unlikely to see much movement, given that the budget is based on $80.

As usual with our courses, the sessions were highly interactive, with everyone participating enthusiastically over the 5 days – even when air conditioning went down for a few hours! But even with the heat on, all the delegates stayed focused and contributed to the exercises and case studies of oil and gas management in a low oil price regime. Observing live news feeds on Iran’s sanctions being lifted and the demise of the North Sea oil industry provided a great stimuli for debate.

Delegates gave the course full marks on content and delivery – and clearly also developed a good network amongst themselves, something we always aim for on our courses too.

In March WBC will be delivering a specialist Risk course in Lagos as well as a new course on Procurement and the Supply Chain and there will also be a shortened version of the MBA – all in the same month. Many other new courses are lined up for the Nigerian market during the course of 2016 where WBC is partnered by Richardson Oil and Gas. Lagos Jan 2016 MBA

“one of the best I ever attended. It was a rich experience…Mark deserves an award for being a great tutor…and you guys were a delight to be with”.

“…Mark did an awesome job tutoring us.  Thank you !”


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