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WBC Moderates Panel at Moody’s Conference

WBC’s Angus Warren was the moderator at a recent Moody’s conference presented by Moody’s Analytics and Knowledge Services*.  The theme of the conference was technology and innovation and our panel considered the influence of disruptive technology on strategic investment decisions in oil and gas.

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Why the U.S. Government Should Allow LNG Exports

Shale Gas

The shale gas revolution in the U.S. has been well documented.  From a standing start 10 years or so ago, shale gas now accounts for approximately 25% of U.S. gas supplies.  However, gas producers have been victims of their own success and falling gas prices mean they now seek government approval to export gas as LNG. [Read more…]

Arctic Presents Major Opportunity for Oil Companies – and Challenges

A trip to Greenland* in August brought home to me the enormous opportunity and challenges faced by oil explorers in the Arctic.

Oil has long been produced in the region.  The first onshore wells were drilled in Canada in the Mackenzie River valley in 1920 and since then over 400 oil and gas fields have been discovered in the Arctic.

But the high costs and risks associated with operations has meant that development of Arctic fields has been slow.  The only big offshore Arctic field that is in production is Statoil’s Snohvit gas field in the Norwegian Barents Sea, which had first gas 2007.

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