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WBC Delights Akfel with Gas and LNG Training

Staff and guests of Akfel took part in the “Negotiating Successful Gas and LNG Contracts” training course in Istanbul at the end of September.  Warren Business Consulting’s associates Leigh Bolton and Yvonne Barton (from Holmwood Consulting) delivered the gas and LNG training programme to staff of Akfel, SOCAR, ENERCO and GasTrans in Istanbul. [Read more…]

Gas Matters

I spent 2 days at the LNG Global Congress in London at the end of last month.  The event is well attended and well-liked by industry players and serves as a useful barometer for the gas industry as a whole.

It was clear that many supporters of gas were present and they claim that gas is uniquely positioned to address the challenges of population growth, economic development, the environment and affordability.  Furthermore, natural gas is abundant, has low emissions, is the lowest cost low carbon technology, and its uses are moving beyond power generation and chemicals feedstock to transportation.  The extent to which gas has penetrated the transportation market comes as a surprise to many outsiders and examples include Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) in cars and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) used as ship bunker fuel.  LNG is even being used as fuel for drilling rigs in the U.S.

[Read more…]

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