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Oil & Gas: To Hell with the Contracts….

The Nigerian government is focussing on PSC and joint venture agreements in its attempts to extract more from Oil & Gas: as part of our occasional series on key management issues in the Oil & Gas industry and the strategic context needed to succeed, we asked Bryan Gundersen, one of the world’s leading lawyers and an associate of WBC, to comment on the governance and legal issues arising from the current Nigerian government initiative.  Bryan’s next course is in Lagos at the end of November. [Read more…]

Lagos Oil and Gas Training in June

We welcomed delegates from Ecobank, SCB, Century Energy, GNI and Saipem to our 5 Day MBA in Oil and Gas training course in Lagos in June.  Angus Warren, Director of Warren Business Consulting, delivered the long-established course in Victoria Island.  As always, there was lively debate on the course. [Read more…]

Nigeria’s PIB Sparks Huge Debate – But What Will Change?

The subject of this year’s Annual Lecture at the British Nigeria Law Forum* was Nigeria’s Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB).  The PIB was first introduced to the National Assembly in September 2008, and has its origins in the early 2000s.  At last however it finally seems that there is the political will to turn it into law.

[Read more…]

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