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First International O&G Contracts Course for WBC

It was a week of firsts: WBC’s first International O&G Contracts course, delivered in Lagos and Mohammad Al-Ramahi delivering his first course as a WBC associate. The International O&G Contracts course had attendees from oil companies and engineering service companies. The course ran in March at excellent facilities provided by Saipem. [Read more…]

Nigeria’s PIB Sparks Huge Debate – But What Will Change?

The subject of this year’s Annual Lecture at the British Nigeria Law Forum* was Nigeria’s Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB).  The PIB was first introduced to the National Assembly in September 2008, and has its origins in the early 2000s.  At last however it finally seems that there is the political will to turn it into law.

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Oil, Power and Democracy in Iraq: Can They Be Reconciled?

The following article was written by Keith Myers* of Richmond Energy Partners and was first published on the Revenue Watch Institute website on 9th May 2012.

Can the Iraqi parliament overcome sectarian rivalries and fears to fulfill its role as a legislative and oversight body? Having led a series of workshops with members of parliament over the past nine months, there are glimmers of hope, but it is hard to be anything other than pessimistic.

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