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Leadership Styles – What’s Yours? The role of EQ

How do you move from functional management into leadership? Course delegates – particularly those on our 3 Day MBA programmes – often ask this question. The first step is to have a career plan (see our recent white paper). It also helps to understand the different styles of leadership and most importantly, to understand your own leadership style. In this blog, we attempt to summarise some of the more well-known aspects of leadership and make some suggestions as to how managers in oil & gas might apply them to their own career development. [Read more…]

Differences between Management and Leadership in Oil and Gas

From time to time the discussion in a course will turn towards the differences between management and leadership in oil and gas. This is an important question because many delegates will have aspirations in one direction or the other, and in oil and gas we often see an individual carrying out both roles at the same time. [Read more…]

Who should lead oil and gas companies?

Many folk coming on WBC education programmes have aspirations in leadership and management. But what does Leadership mean to people in an industry driven by science and technology?

At a recent lecture by Sir Mark Alport (The UK Government’s Chief Scientific Advisor) at Brunel University London the following question came up: [Read more…]

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