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Supervisory Skills and Coaching Workshops in Lagos

WBC delivered a Supervisory Skills Workshop for a local engineering form in Lagos at the end of October 2019.   This was followed by a Coaching Workshop for more senior staff.  Delegates were drawn from engineers and managers representing various parts of the company, who attended the programmes given by one of WBC’s renowned leadership experts.  The Supervisory Skills Workshop focused on the transition engineers moving into management must make:  from using hard skills – such as planning, organising and technical – to using soft skills – such as communications, delegation, change and giving feedback. The second programme was a Coaching Skills Workshop for senior leaders in the company who wanted to know how to get the best out of their staff. [Read more…]

3 Day O&G Management Training in Lagos

Delegates from Nigeria based oil companies, oil services companies, and consultancies gathered for O&G management training in Lagos in September. The 3 Day MBA in Oil & Gas is a unique training course that has been delivered around the world for many years and had its first outing in Lagos in 2013. It was delivered by Warren Business Consulting with the help of local company EMR. [Read more…]

First International O&G Contracts Course for WBC

It was a week of firsts: WBC’s first International O&G Contracts course, delivered in Lagos and Mohammad Al-Ramahi delivering his first course as a WBC associate. The International O&G Contracts course had attendees from oil companies and engineering service companies. The course ran in March at excellent facilities provided by Saipem. [Read more…]

Oil & Gas: To Hell with the Contracts….

The Nigerian government is focussing on PSC and joint venture agreements in its attempts to extract more from Oil & Gas: as part of our occasional series on key management issues in the Oil & Gas industry and the strategic context needed to succeed, we asked Bryan Gundersen, one of the world’s leading lawyers and an associate of WBC, to comment on the governance and legal issues arising from the current Nigerian government initiative.  Bryan’s next course is in Lagos at the end of November. [Read more…]

Key Highlights of Africa Assembly 2016

WBC’s Angus Warren and David Finlayson attended the superb Africa Assembly, run by the Oil and Gas Council, in London this week.  The event was well attended by industry and there was lively debate on the state of oil and gas in Africa in 2016.  Below is a summary of the key take-aways from the conference: [Read more…]

Nigerian firms invest in the future with management training

Despite the pressures brought on by the low oil price, it is encouraging to see Nigerian companies are still prepared to invest in training. WBC’s latest MBA course in Lagos had attendees from a variety of banks, insurance companies and offshore support contractors. The course ran in January at the excellent Eko hotel. [Read more…]

Lagos Oil and Gas Training in June

We welcomed delegates from Ecobank, SCB, Century Energy, GNI and Saipem to our 5 Day MBA in Oil and Gas training course in Lagos in June.  Angus Warren, Director of Warren Business Consulting, delivered the long-established course in Victoria Island.  As always, there was lively debate on the course. [Read more…]

WBC Welcomes 500th Delegate to Oil and Gas Training Course

We welcomed delegates from Lagos and Port Harcourt to our 5 day MBA in Lagos last month. Angus Warren, Managing Director of Warren Business Consulting delivered the long-established course, returning to Lagos for the 4th time since.  As always, the course was highly interactive. [Read more…]

Lagos Oil and Gas Training Programme

Delegates from Nigeria based oil companies, oil services companies, banks and insurers gathered for the second 5 Day MBA in Oil and Gas in Lagos at the Sheraton Four Points on Victoria Island in June. This unigue training course has been delivered around the world for many years and had its first outing in Lagos at the end of September 2013.  It was delivered through a joint venture between Warren Business Consulting and local company Richardson Oil and Gas. [Read more…]

Results of Lagos Training Survey and Winners of TOGY Nigeria 2012

Thank you to all those who took part in the recent survey “The Mini MBA in Oil & Gas”, Lagos, Nigeria.  The response was fantastic and your answers are most helpful as they help us to improve our training offering. [Read more…]

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