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Actions, not Words, Build – and Destroy – Reputations

This month’s article challenges us to re-think reputation management in E&P.  It is written by Simon Philips, an expert in marketing, branding and communications.  Simon was formerly Global Head of Communications & Marketing at UBS Investment Bank.

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Local Content: Effective in the Past, Problematic in the Future

National oil companies (NOCs) in developing countries have always had an important role to play in the transfer of technology and skills into the country, and as a vehicle for economic development.  And local content provisions have always had a key role to play in such endeavours.

But recent trends suggest that increasingly restrictive local content requirements will have unintended impacts across a range of issues, including labour costs and the ability of oil companies to deliver projects within challenging time schedules. [Read more…]

Holistic Security in Oil & Gas – How to Stay Safe in a Dangerous World

The following true story is retold by Tony Ling* of LPD Risk:

“Brian Wellcome’s job was just to get the stuff out of the ground. Yes, he was in charge, but someone else would look after the politics: the locals, guerrillas – whatever.  Some security guy had said something to him once, but he knew they always exaggerated.  Anyway it was now all to late – just guns, screaming and death. He knew he was going to die. [Read more…]

Why companies avoid new oil and gas technology

Oil and Gas Technology: A huge impact historically, but little current appetite

Throughout its history the oil and gas industry has been propelled forward by innovation and technology.  Technology has dramatically altered the way in which oil and gas resources are discovered, developed, and produced. [Read more…]

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