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Climate Change – Opportunities for Oil & Gas in the Transition to Low Carbon Energy

In the midst of the global tragedy of the Covid-19 Pandemic, it’s easy to forget that only a few months ago the headlines were dominated by the issue of Climate Change. In partnership with The Energy Year we recently completed our 7th survey of energy professionals, asking for their views on climate change and related issues, and this week we publish our report  on the findings. [Read more…]

Hydrocarbon Man: The Risks, Opportunities and Prospects for Oil & Gas in 2017 and Beyond

WBC’s Angus Warren gave a presentation at The Aster Club’s* spring meeting in London last week.  The talk, entitled “Hydrocarbon Man: The Risks, Opportunities and Prospects for Oil & Gas in 2017 and Beyond” started with an overview of an industry that touches every aspect of modern life from energy, to food, medicines and clothes.  Delegates learned how mankind has become “Hydrocarbon Man”. [Read more…]

Annual Climate Change Survey

Every year we ask oil and gas professionals for their views on climate change. .It’s fascinating seeing how attitudes have changed over the years, and hugely important to understand how these views are shaping the industry – with implications for management and leadership. Click here to complete the 2016 survey – it takes less than two minutes and responses are anonymous

Results will be published in September.

Global Warming Survey Results 2013-2014-2015

Over the last 3 years we’ve had over a thousand responses to our surveys on Global Warming, with 376 for the latest, 2015 survey. My thanks to all who responded, and to our friends at The Oil & Gas Yearbook for distributing it to their readers.

The respondent profile has remained largely consistent, though this year we had a few more professional advisers responding. Overall, it seems that people are increasingly aware of what a problem global warming is, but pessimistic about out ability, or willingness, to act.

In response to a new question in 2015, nearly 60% believe that addressing global warming should be a high priority for oil and gas companies – the same number that see it as a high priority for governments.

I would be interested in your views on what this means for E&P management: do they already see it as a high priority, or do they assume it’s a problem to be solved by governments or elsewhere in the industry?

Please share your views on this survey, or on global warming more generally, in the comments area.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Compared Results of Global Warming Survey 2013-14

474 oil and gas industry insiders completed this survey on global warming in 2014, and 330 did so in 2013.  The compared results make for fascinating reading.  [Read more…]

Climate Change, Planetary Ageing: How Human Activity Must Adapt

A holistic view of man’s impact on the environment, along with long-sighted policies for management are required.  There are many drivers of climate change, some man made, others from elsewhere in nature.  A rigorous understanding of geology could show that nature is the dominant factor, for now.  

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Is Carbon Dioxide Innocent of Global Warming?

The basic assumption of the importance of CO2 in global warming is overstated.  The models assuming that CO2 is the primary driver behind global warming manifestly do not match the observations.


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Climate Change and the Law of Unintended Consequences

Only when policy makers have an understanding of the global economy as a whole will they promote policies that truly combat climate change and create value for global society.


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The Forgotten Sun: Climate Catastrophe is Called Off

Failure to comprehensively examine all the drivers of climate change may produce a falsified fear of a dangerously overheated planet.


[Read more…]

Results of Global Warming Survey

330 oil and gas industry insiders completed this survey on global warming.  The results make for fascinating reading. [Read more…]

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