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This oil and gas management course combines proven-by-practice methods with new insights and ideas that will grow your business skills. I gained a wider perspective of management practice through breakout sessions, exercises, and case applications. I have got a general overview of Leadership, Strategy, Execution and Marketing, Operational Excellence, International Managerial Economics and International Finance in the Oil & Gas Industry. Also Had a solid understanding of all parts of a business, and how each part and level in the organisation interacts with each other and contributes to corporate success. I would highly recommend this course to anyone working in oil and gas industry at all levels.

Shwan Ahmed

Thoroughly enjoyed Angus’ course. It was well tailored to an audience of varied experiences and was flexible to jump into extra levels of detail on particular topics the group wanted to cover.

James O'ConnellAccenture

It was a great workshop and we had a wonderful discussing Coaching and Mentoring in Petroleum industry and how can develop techniques & improving performance by applying different methods of coaching, also we excited to had a nice debate about Leading, Managing, solving a problem and making decisions due to the organization’s culture. A big thank you to Angus Warren and David Lutes for an excellent session on the Coaching and Mentoring.

Firya AbubakerGulf Keystone Petroleum

I attended a week long course arranged by Angus and it was fantastic. He facilitated the attendance of several different instructors covering a broad range of topics within the industry over this time period. The content was tailored to our requests and we plan to use his services again the next time we have a similar course.

Wakova CarterAccenture

Highly recommend this course and would encourage anyone working in this field to enroll.

Herish AhmedGulf Keystone Petroleum

Our Accenture Strategy team spent 1 week in London working through a course that Angus and WBC helped us put together. It covered the entire value chain of Downstream energy and was extremely relevant in how our firm can approach and help clients facing challenges across the industry. From analyst all the way up to Partner, there were opportunities and takeaways for all. I highly recommend Angus’s services for anyone looking to up-skill your team!

Luke FangmanAccenture

Evething was good, i recommend that this kind of course required more time ,more than three four days, second, required people who attend Mini MBA that they have at least university degree or diploma, or a lot expierience about oil field, with very good level English language, other wise they would not be benefit it and it dose not work for them , because it includes a lot of knowledge and information,

Nabaz ZrarGulf Keystone Petroleum

I am come from an IT background and in the last few years started an oilfield supply business. My main weakness was my sketchy understanding of the O&G business. The Mini MBA for O&G was great boot-camp to understands full landscape of O&G business. It was also a good networking event as I had to meet many of my customers and potential customers. I highly recommend this course specifically for people who come from a non O&G and now dealing with O&G business

Hasan RawanduzyPetroscope

This was a truly enriching experience, material was very professionally composed and presented, it provided for a foundation of earlier -but revived- knowledge and it contained a very modern perspective of topics that we deal with on daily basis. I do recommend this for anyone who wants to stay abreast rapid developments in the energy world. I was completely satisfied with this course and looking forward to future ones.

Hawre RiwandiziLepaserve

Very knowledgeable in his field! Angus made learning the course enjoyable.

Isi AbulimeOando

Angus is an excellent trainer. He is very engaging and experienced. It’s quite impressive how the classes cover so much in a short period of time. They are also practical and in tune with day to day oil and gas issues/conversations.

Adedapo AdedotunPetralon

Angus is an experienced oil and gas professional and trainer with proven expertise in the entire value chain of the upstream business. His experience comes to full bear during his training session at the mini MBA – a worthy exposè into the world of oil and gas geology, economics, exploration, legal & governance etc- all in 3 days!!!

Yomi BabalolaOando

Warren Business Consulting is a perceptive, emphatic, and committed to every task they takes on. In my years of work with similar bureaus, I have never encountered a more capable or professional training centers. Warren will be a committed and creative Training providers, and I recommend them highly indeed.

Thamir SiawshGulf Keystone Petroleum

I recommend the services of Warren Co. for any oil and gas sector company and/or others who are building a management programmes for their staff, the course we attended was very useful, practical and applicable, methods were well studied and very engaging, I gained knowledge and got my mind open for new aspects of how to lead/manage/supervise my team to achieve set goals and kpis.

Saman AskanderGulf Keystone Petroleum

I took the 3 day MBA in Oil and Gas with Angus and must say that I really enjoyed it. It was a very comprehensive mix of financial aspects of oil and gas, legal intricacies of contracting in that sector and of course, the technical specifics that govern that market. Even with all that information being taught at such a short time, it was not all work, there was a lot of fun, laughter and interactivity between the participants, and Angus, the instructor. Overall, highly recommended.

Anita IfuduSaipem

We had an eye-opening and fruitful course. At the end of the day, we became more excited about our sector of service than we were before. I highly recommend Mr. Warren and would be there to participate in the courses whenever he’s back in Iraq, truly very happy with his services.

Eileen RassamInterno

I had the privilege of attending a short MBA course organized by Angus Warren Consulting and I found the content, delivery and interaction between participants and facilitator excellent and most rewarding. Highly recommended.

Chijioke IgweDeltaLift Resources Nigeria

Angus Warren has deep industry knowledge of oil and gas, business and training. His long experience of teaching experts makes his courses a two-way exchange of knowledge; he is as ready to learn from his students as to teach them.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with Angus for five years and to take one of his MBAs. He is smart, sharp and always full of new ideas.

Angus FoggieThe Oil & Gas Year

Angus is one of the best trainers I have met, he has an extensive knowledge on the Oil and Gas field where he shared a broad information within a short period of time. His kind and respectful attitude along inspiring and insightful training style helped us to digest more in a short period of time where he left with lots of material to review at later stage. I highly recommend all his courses because you will not regret attending one.

Mohammad OurahmanConnecting Dots

Angus is a professional, I was pleasure of working with him for 3 days in MINi MBA course in Oil and Gas, it was one of the best trining which I had, he has very good style to make the subjects easy and clear, he is friendly so I suggest to everyone to make advantage from his information.

Aram HamidGulf Keystone Petroleum

I attended the 3-day course in O&G financing last year and Angus shared his extensive knowledge and experience. The course was impactful and included several real life examples. It helped me better understand and estimate the risks, challenges and opportunities of O&G projects. Discussing about the evolution of this industry and the future evolution was very interesting. Debating about the negative impact of some of the new controversial O&G extraction methods was one of the best part of the course. Thanks Angus!

Olivier MirettiHSBC

Angus led a very insightful and inspiring training called “Mini MBA in Oil&Gas”. I learned a lot and enjoyed every minute of it, particularly because of his deep knowledge, true professionalism and entertaining style.

Stefan HaidRoland Berger

I’ve got good knowledge from the course of Angus. He is really good trainer and coach! the info is useful for me in my routine work. thank you.

Aliya AmrullinaKarachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V.

The course we were trained by Angus Warren was very beneficial especially with respect to the structure of sharing agreements and its material terms. I would recommend this course to the persons whose activity is related with marketing, lawyers are invited as well.

Nurzhan KakimovKarachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V.

I recently took the Oil and Gas training and was impressed with the course. Angus Warren was able to cover a great deal of information within a short period of time, which was easily digestible for an energy sector novice. Additionally, the interactive approach for the course was a great way to meet and interact with colleagues. My only regret is that I did not take the course earlier. Many thanks!

Sara Lechtenberg-KastenKAPSARC

I attended the Fundamentals of International Oil Markets course that Angus was conducting here at KAPSARC. I only recently started looking at oil and gas markets as I am trying to round off my coal background. Angus was very patient with all my questions and answered them with a lot of scholarly thought. His background of having worked in the industry came through as he provided relevant industry case studies. I found him to be knowledgeable and highly skilled in his domain. I benefited extremely after attending his course and would certainly recommend it.

Jitendra RoyChoudhuryKAPSARC

I attended the Fundamentals of International Oil Markets course that Angus is offering . The course provides good structure for better understanding the international oil market. I would recommend this course because it helps provide understanding of essential principles as well as touches on advanced topic at the same time. Angus is very knowledgeable and well organized. I enjoyed his course big time.

Sa'd ShannakKAPSARC

I attended Angus’s mini MBA course recently and found it very informative and well organised. Angus also presented the course in a manner which was both engaging and interactive. Overall this made for a very rewarding and valuable experience.

Mark Hollisio oil & gas consulting

Angus courses are tremendously well organised and give you the opportunity to get a great blend of useful information enlarging your knowledge in the Oil & Gas industry in a large spectrum. For sure I do recommend to participate to the Mini MBA as guarantee success of extensive know how and deeper understanding.

Andrea CaltabianoENI

I would recommend Warren Consulting’s Oil and Gas MBA. I attended the 3-day course in London and found it amazingly comprehensive. He delivered the course patiently allowing everyone to ask questions whilst moving things swiftly along in order to keep on track. It really does everything it says on the tin, touching on all aspects of petroleum operations including petroleum geology, finance, upstream, gas, refining. Everything you need to know about the oil and gas industry in 3 days. Excellent.

Remi AiyelaCavendish Law

I attended the “5 Day MBA in Oil and Gas” program in Lagos and have a lot of positive reviews about it. Angus is possesses a great knowledge of the oil and gas industry and was able to share that knowledge with the participants. I look forward to attending another program sometime.

Elohor EnukpereGT Bank

The 5 day Oil & Gas Program was very interactive, enlightening and valuable. Keep up the great work.

Ikechukwu OragwuStandard Chartered Bank

I had the opportunity to observe Angus in action during a recent 3-day training course. Angus proved to be an superb presenter and course facilitator, providing all involved (from myriad countries, skill-sets and levels of experience) with a very informative and enjoyable event. He also demonstrated a significant knowledge of all the commercial aspects, business drivers, geo-political issues and decision making criterion associated with the industry.

Bob LaidlerProject Governance Services

I participated in the Warren Consulting’s Mini MBA program on oil & gas in 2015 and the experience has been quite useful in my daily work financing oil and gas projects. The course book is right under my nose daily, with easy referencing for the technical resources which are well explained and easily understood by non technical professionals. Angus’ teaching approach was easy to understand with numerous project examples which confirms his wealth of experience in the oil and gas sector. I will recommend Angus and the Mini MBA program for anybody seeking to build knowledge of the industry within a short time ……. but of course, you would have to read up after the program and Angus is readily available after the program to aid your knowledge building process.

Diran OniEcobank

I met Angus when I attended a 3 day MBA Oil & Gas course in London, hosted by Warren Business Consulting. I learnt a lot from Angus, he has a rich and broad experience in the industry, coupled with the ability to break education down in a simple way for you to consume. I was also impressed with Angus’s passion to help others in the industry through his network of contacts and abundant advice.

James RosenshineDassault Systèmes

Angus is very detailed and takes his time in ensuring that we understood the course.

Oluwatoyin Ajoke FarayolaGT Bank

I had the chance to attend one of Angus’s Short course (mini MBA)in Erbil. I find his Course very interesting. Angus is a very knowledgeable person and I find him very tireless during the course. If I get another chance will attend his courses.

Zardana BarzaniHess

Angus’s training course provides a detailed and comprehensive overview of the oil and gas industry from a commercial perspective. It is an essential part of any manager’s training in our industry, either as a service company or an integrated operator. Angus is extremely well-informed and speaks from decades of hands-on experience. If you want to be a senior manager, this you must know.

Jeremy DyerGeoGlide Holdings Pte Ltd

I participated in Angus’s mini MBA on oil and gas industry which gave a perfect introductory overview for an SOE administrator like me. Angus is a very knowledgeable and easy-to-understand teacher. I can give him my best recommendations.

Andreas Boysen-KleistRamboll Management Consulting

Angus held an excellent 3-day-MBA for our staff at Nordsøfonden. He is a talented educator who has a thorough and up-to-date knowledge of the oil and gas business. He is structured and focused, and at the same time, he is an engaging and involving instructor. I recommend him highly.

Marianna Djernæs LaursenThe Danish North Sea Fund

Angus is a well rounded individual who has built up the required skill in the oil and gas industry. Under his tutorship, l was able to grasp adequate knowledge with a little of technical know how of the exploration and production in the industry. He’s a very approachable and carefree individual. It was a pleasant experience working with Angus Warren.

Temilola AdesolaMarine Platforms Ltd

Warren Business Consulting provided a two day seminar at our offices in Houston in October of 2014. The seminar focused on specific areas within the Oil & Gas Industry that pertain to our company. This focused approach and condensed time frame allowed us to bring in most of the company’s decision makers with a clear-cut agenda and a specialized format that made the most of everyone’s limited time and resources. This proved the be highly effective in educating our group on the most pressing issues in the industry that have an ability to influence our company’s present and future operations and goals. Angus and his team of guest speakers provided a highly effective course and we are looking at future ways we can employ Angus in educating our company and employees.

Jordan DombartSummit Industrial Construction

I joined the “5 Day MBA in Oil and Gas” program and it was really good. The program was really good and provided me with a wide perspective on oil and gas business. As a result of this program, I should thank to Mr. Warren who has great knowledge on all segments of oil and gas business and very experienced in oil and gas industry.

Tankut YildirimTPAO

The training was given by Mr. Angus and it was very creditable and I learned a lot about oil and gas.

Qasim ShawqiGenel Energy

He has a deep & detailed knowledge about oil and gas. I have learned a lot from his experience. Thanks Angus for sharing those important information that we really needed to know.

Nawa NooryGenel Energy

As per I was trained by Angus in Fundamentals of the Oil and Gas Industry in May 2014 for three days, I’d like to recommend him for the good knowledge that he has and shared with us in a very short period of time.

I can say that he is very well organised as he managed to share as much as he can in three days course.

It was a great challenge for me to present and share information in the group work activities that we had every day, I can say he is a detail oriented person and the best trainer.

Lavan SaeedWesternZagros

Having attended the Oil and Gas Mini MBA training course in 2013, conducted by Angus Warren, I would highly recommend it. Angus presents the material in a very clear, structured, interactive way, with excellent examples, discussions, encouraging students to ask questions. The course has delivered everything that was promised in the course materials and more – not only has Angus shared the knowledge with us, based on his extensive experience of working in the O&G Industry and as an O&G business coach, but he gave us invaluable suggestions and advice, as well as confidence, in how to apply this knowledge in practice in our work, as well as continuous post-course support. Thank you, Angus!

Alexandra KennaGEOSERVE

Hands down, the “3 Day MBA in Oil & Gas” is the quickest, most effective way to understand the E&P business model. I am always amazed how many people’s livelihood is dependent on E&P companies but they don’t really understand the high level drivers that impact their work. I wish I had taken this course at the beginning of my career.

Peter HiteQittitut Consulting

I am delighted to write this letter of recommendation for Angus Warren. The 5 Day MBA in Oil and Gas was a great course that was well presented, and executed. It brought together the full life cycle of the Oil and Gas industry, from its inception in the early days to the present day. The impact of geopolitics, macroeconomics, consumption shift, and the rise of the NOCs. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to quickly understand the Oil and Gas industry.

Jaz DulayEnergy Logistics Iraq

A very interesting course with a friendly and highly experienced ‘teacher’ who knows perfectly the Oil & Gas business and do not hesitate to share with us. The session is interactive with live exercises, a real added value for understanding the tricks of such business contracts and their negotiation. I do recommend this course!

Julien KerbratBluewater Energy Services

The course provides a great insight into oil and gas commercials and is a great basis for those just getting started in the industry or for those who want to refresh or understand some new areas.

Andrew NaylorPetrofac Integrated Energy Services

I highly recommed Warren’s course, it definitely had a positive impact in my career. Excellent instructor, able to navigate well between the querries of those new to the industry and those with more experience and knowledge.

Daniela FigueiredoCFG Bridge

My training experience during the 4 days MBA Workshop with you was great. The material of the training was valuable to further my knowledge on the oil and gas business. Angus was very experienced and brought with him lots of real experience into the class which enrich the discussion. In future, he could add the topic of unconventional gas into the curriculum to enrich the substance.

Lies TjokroVICO Indonesia

The course is interactive with group exercises. Gives you a good comprehensive broad introductions to the various disciplines of the oil and gas business. The hand outs and the course materials are excellent.

Reza KhaleghiAfren

This course gave the chance to harmonise my financial knowledge with the technical knowledge. It had a very professional base and I enjoyed every moment. Highly recommended!

Selime Celik UlutasTurkse Perenco

This packed 3 Day MBA in Oil and Gas course was both enjoyable and useful. Angus manages to cover the very diverse aspects of the oil & gas industry in record time while still allowing the audience to be involved in stimulating discussions. The course content is fully up-to-date and includes relevant topics such as LNG. The varied backgrounds of the course participants really add value to this interactive event which I highly recommend.

Olivier AubertAddax Petroleum

It was a great course which provided an overview of the industry. The best part of the course was learning from the other students who came from such different backgrounds and worked in the upstream, mid stream and downstream sectors. Their hands on experiences were an invaluable learning tool.

Nicholas JosephPetrofac

This course is designed very well to get you understand what you need to know about all aspects of oil and gas industry.. from Upstream , Mid Stream and Down Stream.. then you need to decide what to concentrate on and focus. I enjoyed every moment of the course and would recommend it to all my friends and colleagues that need to enrich their understanding in more detail.. this course could work very well for decision makers at all levels of the oil and gas industry !

Hiwa TalabaniEnergy Logistics Iraq Limited

The course provides a holistic view of the oil and gas industry from a business and management perspective. The case sessions provide interaction opportunity with the participants from diverse backgrounds. A well-structured course given by an expert in the area. Highly recommended!

Cigdem SavaskanYıldız Holding - Ulker

I have attended one of the many great courses provided by Angus. It was his famous “5-day E&P MBA course”. He managed to turn the broad subject into relevant pieces and delivered in an interested approach. It was a great experience attending his course. Beyond being just a trainer, he is also a friend of mine. He is always ready to help and provide useful opinions for his colleagues.

Kean Mun LauSclumgerger Business Consulting

The training offered by Warren Business Consulting in Oil and Gas is very good and practical. When I attended one in Kampala in 2011, it gave me a clear understanding of different regimes and agreements used in the oil and gas industry and how to draft, negotiation skills, business perspectives, key principles, management, tax regimes and among other important things in the industry.

The MBA in oil and gas programme is a hands on experience that anyone attending it would greatly gain.

Attending Angus Warren’s Oil and Gas training inspired gained interest in oil and gas activities and work.

John Paul EdokuMinistry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Uganda

Hello Angus-
Your MBA class in Oil and Gas was outstanding!! I have worked in the Solid Waste Industry for years but fairly new to this side of our business. We had a diverse class of veterans in O&G and people from our Waste Connections side that are new to this industry, and you did such a great job keeping it relevant to all of us. Your stories and humor kept it interesting and enjoyable as well. This class will make us all better at what we do so thank you. I hope we can have you back so others in our Company can learn from you.

Brenda MerchantR360 Environmental Solutions

Myself and several colleagues attended Angus’ Oil & Gas MBA course recently and were extremely pleased with the experience. I work for an O&G waste management company who was recently acquired by a municipal waste management company so we had attendees with all levels of E&P knowledge ranging from industry vets to newcomers. Angus tailored the course to this broad audience very well. Everyone left the course with a deeper and broader knowledge of the the E&P industry and I would highly recommend Angus’ course to anyone in the industry. Aside from the quality of the course, Angus is a great guy and it was very pleasant to interact with him and learn from him. A+ experience all around.

Chris BarnidgeR360 Environmental Solutions

This is a really useful course which will give you a broad introduction to the industry. Angus also does a great job of tailoring the material to suit the demands of the course participants, which helps generate some interesting discussions. I really enjoyed it.

Roddy MackinnonCentrica Storage

It’s a ‘must’ training for those of you who would like to get more deep understanding in oil and gas industry from upstream to downstream. The session was great and valuable!

Irma Pratitia SiahaanVICO Indonesia

I am happy to recommend The 3 Day MBA in Oil and Gas run by Angus Warren. This course was both well structured and taught. There was a great deal of information imparted in three very full days. There is something for everyone – from those just starting off in the industry to those more seasoned.

A. Michael KashisPetroQuest International

The 3 Day MBA in Oil and Gas was a great introduction to the Upstream Oil and Gas industry. What stood this apart from other courses was Angus’ inclusive teaching style and his ability to encourage useful conversations between people from diverse professional backgrounds. I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a crash course in the Oil and gas industry.

Olaotan Towry-CokerAfritickets

Great course taught by Angus Warren. The design of the course structure and contents obviously brilliant. The benefits of spending three days learning and interacting were just enormous. Highly recommended!

Peter NiuLeyshon Resources

This was a well thought out class delivered by a first class instructor. Angus’ E&P commercial background was very handy and very evident in the way the materials were presented and the overall learning experience. I strongly recommend this class for anyone that is interested in gaining an understanding of the typical agreements that oil the engine of E&P business.

Yemi AjaoFirst Hydrocarbon Nigeria

Angus Warren gave a course/seminar on Oil & Gas Business Administration which I followed last year at Nunaoil. I can highly recommend the course and the idea of combining both G&G personnel and administrative personnel at the course worked very well. It was really interesting and a great learning to get an idea of how other aspects of the industry see things and Angus Warren was very good at combing all aspects of the industry into the course. In short a very good course which I can highly recommend.

Mette RungeNunaoil, Greenland

I can witness with no difficulty on the benefit that I have collected from the three days session on the Essentials of Oil & Gas in many ways: it was the occasion for me to correct, consolidate and complete the empirical background that I acquired during my short experience in the industry. The method combining subtly and smoothly theoretical notions and concrete cases helped me really fixing the knowledge durably and better understand the economic rationale of the main contractual concepts. The good spirit which prevailed during the session and the diversity of alumni encouraged me raising issues that I recently faced in my work and exchange different but enriching views with colleagues and, last but not least, this is the right forum to build a solid professional network .

Brahim MouelhiSCDM

Angus delivered a 2 day training on the fundamentals of oil & gas industry attended by the non technical staff here at Genel Energy. It was extremely well received and very interactive. I recommend this course to all the non technical staff. Angus made sure that the course was exciting with break out sessions, presentations and it never became too technical for the staff here. One more session planned in the near future!

Uttam RaoGenel Energy

As editor for an international publication focused on the oil and gas industry, understanding hydrocarbons issues is key. The 3-DAY MBA from Warren Business Consulting covered important subjects in a clear and concise way. The assignments given in the course help to consolidate what had been taught, and the instructor was helpful and knowledgeable. Following the course I have a much better understanding of the industry. I recommend it to anyone wishing to improve their knowledge of the industry.

Alex MazonowiczThe Oil & Gas Year

Don’t hesitate to join this excellent course which is taught by an excellent instructor!

Hans Kristian OlsenNunaoil, Greenland

Angus is an excellent professional trainer and business consultant in world-wide oil & gas business.

Kenan Ekrem KadıoğluMarsa

Angus is a guru in oil and gas management and a strategist as well. He’s good in passing on all what it takes to develop a career in the oil and gas sector so too in negotiating deals as he is aware of the risks and uncertainty involved and how each part on a joint venture should share them. The overall rating is that he’s worth consulting on everything that has to do with the oil and gas sector.

Kellie KoromaOffice of the President, State House, Sierra Leone

Angus provided us with a comprehensive oil and gas course over the period of a week. It covered a wide range of subjects and provided a solid grounding in understanding various aspects of the industry from project appraisal and evaluation to fracking. We would certainly work with Angus in the future.

Charlie GellerFox-Davies Capital

Recently did Oil & Gas Business Administration training conducted by Angus Warren. The training was excellent, content, structure and detailed knowledge of Angus made this training one of best I have attended. I can recommend this training to all Oil & Gas experts, provides comprehensive overview in 5 days.

Manvinder SethiNord Stream AG

I have been working in the O&G industry for almost a decade within the managerial side. I participated in the training course “5 DAY MBA IN OIL & GAS” which was conducted in Istanbul, Turkey by Angus Warren. The course was very well structured and balanced and with interactive discussions, provided a good and broad overview of modern O&G industry, its structure and trends. I could find the opportunity to see the view of the governmental side of the industry as well. I could recommend to all from O&G industry without any reservation.

Halil AktasAladdin Middle East

Angus Warren’s oil and gas mini MBA really delivers grounded and avant-garde knowledge and cases for oil and gas management.

Sid-Ali ZahafSonatrach

Angus vast experience on the O&G industry was extremely valuable during the 5 days training section I’ve participated. From regulatory subjects until technical aspects of the industry, this 5 days program went into interesting points of the O&G world.

Thiago CostasSchlumberger Business Consulting

Angus’ course on commercial negotiations and contracts was good value. As a trainer Angus is personable, approachable with broad ranging experience in the field of contracts and negotiations in the E&P sector.

Praveen MartisEndeavour

Mr. Angus creates and maintains a learning environment which is interesting , challenging , orderly and purposeful.

Hussein HamadaMansoura

Angus is one of the world’s leading consultants to the Oil & Gas sector. We worked together to structure and run a tailored 5 day executive programme for a significant client in North Africa during December 2009. The feedback was outstanding despite the large and diverse group of delegates in attendance. Angus brings to the table many years of hard-won practical experience in the energy sector. He also has a very clear, interactive presentation style. You can trust him to deliver exceptional value every time.

Ken GhataTerrapinn

I thoroughly enjoyed the training provided by Angus in the IFF Oil & Gas Contracts and Negotiation course: Deep insight and knowledge, personable and efficient.

Marius TeigenEON Ruhrgas

I attended a course with Angus in 2010. Angus has good interpersonal skills in terms of the approach he would adopt in conflict resolution scenarios and is a team builder as well. He struck me as a very sharp individual.

Nobom SeemaPetroSA, South Africa

Recently, I have attended to a training ‘Oil and Gas Commercial Contracts and Negotiations’ conducted by Angus Warren. It was well structured and successfully balanced between theory and workshops. I would recommend this course from Angus to all who are interested in working in relevant areas of the industry. As the instructor his previous industrial experience adds good value to the training.

Muharrem InceSchlumberger

Angus provided an excellent subject, very customised to Oil and Gas Sector. He is a very professional instructor.

Dalia ElkalioubyPharaonic Petroleum Company, Egypt

Mr. Angus has presented a program about Mastering Commercial Contracts with my company on Jan. 2011, this program was a great success, he was able to present cases and a lot of practical exercises along the program which enriched it, the feedback from all trainees who attended the program was excellent.

Ireen HelmyOil and Gas Services, Egypt

Angus does a well informed training programme involving course material that is suitable for administrators within the Oil and Gas sector. His focus on bringing to fore a 360 view on the relevant business considerations and utilising real world scenarios is very insightful and thorough.

Arun RichardGuyana Geology and Mines Commission

Angus works well with colleagues, consistent, creative and is very knowledgeable at his teaching subjects. It was good having him with us.

Masa BahSierra Leone Petroleum Directorate

I had the pleasure of participating at Angus’ 5-Day MBA course in Istanbul (March ’12) and found the course well-structured and definitely worth attending. Angus has an engaging style and provided with interesting real world examples covering all aspects of the industry. The combination of lecturing, group exercises and mini presentations allowed and encouraged sharing of ideas among the group and made the course easy to follow. I would recommend the course to both “new and old” members of the industry.

Eleni FergadiOil and Gas Management Services Group

Mr. Warren’s training program (Business Administration in Oil and Gas) is very informative and especially useful for managers who want to have holistic view of modern oil, gas and energy industry, its structure and trends. Mr. Warren seminars very well organized and balanced so that participants have good opportunity of learning both from the lecturer and take part in interactive discussions with other students. Information in the seminar materials is very well structured and clearly explained by Mr. Warren. Materials also contain very useful insights and deep analysis of the industry. By the end of the course I was able not only to acquire new and useful knowledge but also gained useful contacts in the industry.

Dmitriy PlatonovGazprom

Angus is a very experienced professional in his field and during the training he has provided us with comprehensive and useful information. One of the best, if not the best training that I attended. I could recommend to all from Oil and Gas Business.

Peter MinoRWE

I have joined the 4 Days MBA in Oil and Gas course in KL, Malaysia with Angus as the trainer. He is a highly experienced trainer with strong strategy, commercial and business expertise which has been applied in the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors of the international oil and gas industry. With his comprehensive experience, he is able to facilitate and coach the participants in the course to understand the whole business process in oil and gas industry. I really enjoyed the course.

Juliana Laura TompodungVICO Indonesia

I’ve had the pleasure of attending on MBA course in Oil and Gas Administration by Angus Warren. I found the course very useful to give me insight of Oil and Gas and the knowledge terms used in Oil and Gas Industry. I can recommend his courses for everyone who’s seeking knowledge about the Oil and Gas Industry in Greenland

Karoline SommerGreenland Oil Industry Association

I recently attended an MBA in Oil&Gas, a three day course presented by Angus. The course was very informative, even more so with use of case studies that Angus could share some personal insight. Angus’s knowledge of the industry is excellent and I would recommend both Angus and the course to any middle / senior managers in the industry. The course would be useful for any senior individuals looking to move into the Oil&Gas industry.

Brendan ConlanCentrica

Angus has wide experience from several facets of the oil and gas business and is a skilled communicator which ensures learning for groups at beginner as well as advanced levels.

Stig-Morten KnutsenNunaoil, Greenland

Angus has a wide network of clients, contacts and spectrum of knowledge in his field and has effective and clear presentation skills combined with a very personable approach to people.

Paul GarroodRockover Resources, South Africa

I participated in the training course The Strategic Risk in the Oil and Gas Sector. The course was arranged by the International Faculty of Finance and held in London in October 2011. The training was conducted by Angus Warren. I have been working in the oil and gas business for a number of years within quality assurance, HSE and technical areas. I have also held several management positions, and my main goal for attending the training was to gain some broader introduction to managing risk on a business level. The course gave a good and broad overview of the risks associated with the oil and gas business, giving an introductory view of methodologies and tools for managing risk. The lecturer gave us, the participants, the opportunity to build on our own experiences and involved us well in the course. The course was logically built up and at least for me gave me a better insight into the business picture of risk management, meeting my expectation.

Gregar HaugenEni Norge

Very knowledgeable teacher who in a short notice gave an excellent overview of the complex world of Oil & Gas. Easily capable of jumping from macro to very detailed level. True value for money in the course he gave (Strategic risks in oil & gas, IFF London).

Pim JansenABN AMRO Bank

Angus’ training was superb, informative and interesting. I found him to be well informed with issues, reliable and punctual. He was highly dedicated to the tasks he was hired for. I unreservedly recommend him on the strongest terms anywhere in the world for consulting.

Samuel BonzuNational Revenue Authority, Sierra Leone

Angus has in depth and broad ranging knowledge of the oil and gas industry. He is extremely effective at sharing that knowledge with course participants through a combination of engaging presentations and practical exercises. I have no hesitation in recommending the courses and training that Angus provides.

Kevin MitchellAddax Petroleum Services



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