Virtual Workshops on Leadership Development

WBC has put together a new tool-kit of six Virtual Workshops on Leadership Development for those who are working from home or simply find this format more useful. All of these leadership development workshops are highly interactive virtual training solutions, delivered remotely in easily managed bite-sized chunks.  Workshop size is strictly limited to 10.

The workshop director brings together experience from the worlds of energy, the military and fashion to provide a broad perspective on developing leaders in business.

Please email us at: or telephone/WhatsApp on +44 754 026 9827 to find out more.

Leadership Development 1:  Know Yourself and Others (1.5 hours)

Our preferred styles of behaviour have a big influence on our personal effectiveness. Building self-awareness and an understanding of why and how people do the things they do helps us to build leadership strategies for success.

In this 1.5 hours workshop you will understand your preferred style, and those of others, and how you can use this knowledge to improve your team’s cohesion and motivation, build enhanced relationships, and make sustainable change.

This workshop shows you how to identify strengths and weaknesses, work through relationship challenges, and create an ideal working environment for your team.

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Leadership Development 2:  Impact and Presence (1.5 hours)

Your leadership image and how you use it is central to others perception of your leadership abilities, skill and potential.  It is amazing how quickly you make an impression on others.

In this 1.5 hours workshop you will learn how to maximise your presence and create a powerful impact on the people you lead, meet and work with.  It provides a wealth of techniques, hints and tips, using exercises and mini questionnaires to help you access your impact and enhance your communication style and strategy.

“It takes 30 seconds to make an impact” – Albert Mehrabian, Silent Messages

The workshop shows you how to appear even more confident and use a dynamic style of communication, but also how to feel positive and self assured in any situation. It takes a holistic approach, helping you to project an image that reflects your values and strengths.

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Leadership Development 3:  Leaders versus Managers (1.5 hours)

For years we were shown that management had to do with forecasting, budgeting, planning and controlling. Managers were taught to manage, not to lead:  how to assign work to subordinates, how to evaluate their teammates’ work, and how to counsel people on performance problems. The underlying assumption was that the manager would know what to do and was in charge of making the decisions.

Now we know that the old  view of a manager’s duties is wholly insufficient for the modern workplace.

The leader, on the other hand, is responsible for a team of people and its success — including each team member’s well-being and professional development.  This is a big assignment to take on.  A leader will be less concerned with budgeting and forecasting and much more concerned with how their team is feeling about the future and about the energy level within the team.

The management discipline is still important.  But we now understand that leadership, with its focus on human energy,  is key.  There are big differences between management and leadership.  If you hold a leadership role now or aspire to do so in the future, this workshop will help you think about the steps you can take to develop your leadership skills further.

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Leadership Development 4:  Design Thinking (1.5 hours)

Knowing how to deal with problems, dilemmas and opportunities is fundamental to leadership.  Learn how to bring a human-centric approach and creativity to turning challenges into a solutions.

“Design Thinking is not new, but it most definitely is new to most business leaders”.

In this 1.5 hours workshop you will be given a problem to solve and then you will be taken through the whole Design Thinking process to help you to really understand how to tackle challenges.  This workshop covers the 3 main elements of Design Thinking:

  • Bringing together a multidisciplinary team of subject matter experts that also have a breadth of knowledge.
  • Creating an environment and a culture of trust and the space  for creative teamwork.
  • Establishing a methodology that consists of iterative activities with a focus on people.
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Leadership Development 5:  Leaders as Coaches (1.5 hours)

Good leaders know that it is more empowering and motivating for an individual to develop their own answers to challenges, rather than being told what to do.  At the same time, in the fast-paced world of modern business, leaders need to work harder to release the resourcefulness and creativity of their team.

In this 1.5 hours webinar you will learn how to deploy a structured, two-way process that will enhance an individual’s performance through behavioural change.  By offering support and guidance you will encourage the individual to review their performance and to understand for themselves what has been learnt.  You will help them to resolve their own challenges and blocks and come up with their own answers.

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Leadership Development 6:  Resilience and Mental Strength (1.5 hours)

Resilience is the ability to face constant change and difficulties in life and still come through them working well. Having mental strength means you can come back from having faced these difficulties, or be better equipped so that you don’t run into problems in the first place. It really matters because it is all about your readiness to face the world in a resourceful state.

In this 1.5 hours webinar you will learn how to be resilient at work and to focus on what you can influence.  You will learn the four dimensions of resilience and come away equipped with a resilience toolkit.  With resilience and mental fortitude, however tough things get, you will know how to regroup and manage whatever work and life throws at you. and keep going.

In these turbulent times we now live in we need to know how to manage uncertainty well and to continue to make progress.

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Please email us at: or telephone/WhatsApp on +44 754 026 9827 to find out more.

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Workshop Director

The Workshop  Director has worked in the energy business, both upstream and downstream, for over 40 years, after starting his career as an officer in the British army. His experience includes working in over 138 countries, giving  him a unique insight into the different leadership cultures around the world.  He began his career in the oil and gas industry as a commercial oilfield diver and then moved to being an offshore driller, including a stint as a wildcat driller with the Ocean Drilling & Exploration Company, working in some of the industry’s toughest environments.

He subsequently moved into corporate roles with Shell, responsible for teams across multiple sites as well as business development and commercial sales in a variety of product areas. In these roles he became increasingly involved, and interested, in team development and leadership coaching, and moved on to lead various Learning & Development teams at Shell International Petroleum Company – where the coaching programmes he designed are still in use.  Focusing on VP-level staff, his particular areas of expertise include team building, conflict management,
disruptive innovation, and cross-cultural and cross-functional leadership.

His workshops are highly interactive and experiential, filled with a contagious energy and enthusiasm that engages and  inspires delegates.  He graduated from the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, and later qualified in drilling operations with the Petroleum Institute Training Board. He also has a degree from the British Association for Commercial and Industrial Education and is a qualified NLP Master Coach and Scrum Master, and an accredited practitioner in Design Thinking.

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