Virtual Workshop on Stakeholder Management

This Virtual Workshop on Stakeholder Management is for those that are working from home or simply find this format more useful. All of our workshops are highly interactive virtual training solutions, delivered remotely in easily managed bite-sized chunks. Workshop size is strictly limited to 10.

Please email us at: or telephone/WhatsApp on +44 754 026 9827 to find out more.

Stakeholder Management – 2 sessions each of 1.5 hours (3 hours)

One of the key requirements for successful change is to have the right people supporting what you are trying to do.  Stakeholder Management is an art and we will share with you some of the systems and processes as well as the key success factors that will help you do this.  We will share with you our extensive experience and know-how, which is the secret art that gets your stakeholders on board and actively helping you in your plans.

This workshop answers three questions:

  1. Why does Stakeholder Management matter?
  2. How do I identify key stakeholders?
  3. What is the best process for effective Stakeholder Management?
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Please email us at: or telephone/WhatsApp on +44 754 026 9827 to find out more.

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Workshop Director

Your workshop director has over 30 years international business experience in a variety of roles across the EMEA region in various sectors, including Oil & Gas, Renewables, Telecoms, Manufacturing and FMCG, covering global corporations and privately owned businesses. His training style is highly interactive and engaging, drawing on participants’ own experiences to share best practice and bring theory to life with story-telling and case studies.

He has a proven track record of successful businesses, especially in managing business transformation, sustainable growth, M&A and business turnarounds. Throughout his career, talent development has played a major role: from running graduate entry schemes at the start of his career and leading the HR functions in global brands to advising boards on leadership development and organisational change, he has always seen people as a company’s most important asset – “Engaged talent is the #1 ingredient for business success” he says.

With experience of working across different sectors and functions extensively in over 25 countries, including Turkey, UAE, UK & Italy, he is familiar with the leadership challenges that come with multi-cultural, multi-national and multi-functional organisations, and the need for an adaptable leadership style.


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