Details: Virtual Workshop on Managing Stress and Pressure

The Virtual Workshop on Managing Stress and Pressure is designed for those who want to learn how to do more than cope or release the pressure cooker valve – but who want to reduce and get on top of the stress they feel.  This workshop is for anyone exposed to stress in their working and personal lives, and will be especially useful for leaders and managers in business units, head office, plants and field locations who daily face the challenge of balancing business, process, vendor, personal and manager needs and expectations.

Typical attendees include anyone who is responsible for budget, planning, performance management or juggling multiple tasks or job titles, or has more than one manager.

Benefits of attending the workshop: learn how to recognise stress; develop a new tool kit for managing stress and pressure; understand what to do when you find yourself in a stressful situation; create better personal and professional relationships.


  • Personal work-life balance values & standards
  • Controlling pressure & stress; work & home
  • Finding personal ‘joy in your work’
  • Perfectionism, how to say ‘no’ constructively
  • Controlling vs. coping
  • Recognizing your own stress triggers & symptoms
  • Having a personal ‘sounding’ board
  • Relaxation techniques as part of your daily routine
  • Managing your boss

Duration:  3 hours.

Dates:  per client needs.  WBC will arrange groups, or the workshop can be in-house.

Price:  $380 per person.  Group rates and multiple workshop discounts available.

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