Virtual Workshop on Managing Stress and Pressure

WBC has put together this Virtual Workshop on Managing Stress and Pressure for those that are working from home or simply find this format more useful. All of our workshops are highly interactive virtual training solutions, delivered remotely in easily managed bite-sized chunks. Workshop size is strictly limited to 10.

The workshop director brings together experience from many sectors and industries and from across the globe to provide broad and deep perspectives on developing the individual.

Please email us at: or telephone/WhatsApp on +44 754 026 9827 to find out more.

Managing Stress and Pressure – 3 sessions of 1 hours (3 hours)

This workshop has been designed to help you to:

  • Get control of the things that are actually within your control and sphere of influence – and to learn to put the things not within your control in their proper place.
  • Move past just coping, or fire-fighting, and phase into controlling wisely.
  • Spend more time cultivating ‘flowers’ and less time pulling ‘weeds’.

“De-stress, De-pressure – Learn to go slow to go fast.” – The Horse Whisperer

In this 3 hour workshop you will learn how to do more than just cope with the pressure and stress that you feel.  You will learn how to get on top of the stress and pressure to become more productive and to have better relationships..

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Please email us at: or telephone/WhatsApp on +44 754 026 9827 to find out more.

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Workshop Director

The workshop director is an Organisational Development, Talent Management and Training Consultant and Trainer with 35+ years international experience at a senior strategic, middle management and operational level.

He has 20+ years of management and leadership consulting and training experience in over 25 countries. including 15+ years in CIS and APAC, 6+ years in Middle East (UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Palestine, Egypt, Kurdistan) and 5+ years in various countries in Africa (Botswana, Nigeria, South Africa, Eqypt, Tunisia, Ethiopia).

He is also a Certified Executive Career Coach and a UK CIPD certified Master Trainer. He is also a popular international conference presenter on HR, OD and Talent Management subjects.

A former senior director with several multinational corporations and a former HR Director, as an HR consultant he is a specialist in broad, full-cycle HR strategy and planning with strong experience in training needs, salary restructuring, job re-grading and rationalisation, role/position optimisation and integrated competency and performance management frameworks.  As a trainer he specializes in a wide range of soft skills subject areas such as:  Situational Leadership, Customer Service, Team Working, Coaching as a Management Habit, Presentation Skills, Collaboration and Influence, Performance Management, Problem-solving and Analytical Skills, Strategic Thinking and Planning, Balanced Scorecards, Total Quality Transformation and Change Management.

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