Details: Virtual Workshop on Crisis Management

Crisis Management effects every component of business.  Our virtual workshop is designed for:

  • Business leaders, project managers and departmental heads.
  • First line responders such as facilities managers, security and construction managers.
  • Enabling functions such as technology, HR, corporate communications and PR teams.

Benefits of attending this workshop:  You will learn how to prepare for a crisis is in advance of a crisis; ensure that your company conforms to sound duty of care principles, not just for its employees but also for visitors and vendors; protect shareholder value by avoiding reputational damage from poor Crisis Management; ensure your team deploys good Crisis Management practices, increasing inter-departmental knowledge across the organisation; deepen professional loyalty through membership of Incident Response and Crisis Management teams; deepen self-awareness of managers and their team.

Content:  Crisis Psychology – how humans are affected in emergency and high stress conditions; Critical Activities – what needs to happen when; Incident Response versus Crisis Management; Critical Functions and Responsibilities – who does what; Crisis Management tools and training; case studies drawn from terror incidents to power outages to labour strikes.

Duration:  3 hours.

Dates:  per client needs.  WBC will arrange groups, or the workshop can be in-house.

Price:  $380 per person.  Group rates and multiple workshop discounts available.

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