Virtual Workshop on Crisis Management

WBC has put together this Virtual Workshop on Crisis Management for those who are working from home or simply find this format more useful. All of our workshops are highly interactive virtual training solutions, delivered remotely in easily managed bite-sized chunks. Workshop size is strictly limited to 10.


The workshop director brings together experience from the worlds of energy, retail banking, the military and agri-business to provide strategic and practical perspectives on Crisis Management.

Please email us at: or telephone/WhatsApp on +44 754 026 9827 to find out more.

Crisis Management – 3 sessions each of 1 hour (3 hours)

Organisations that plan for crises survive them.  Resilience and ‘corporate muscle memory’ can only be built through training and preparing for the unexpected.  Drawing on historic shock impact crises such as 9/11 and the current pandemic, this workshop explores the psychological effect of crisis on individuals, groups and institutions and the behaviours needed to ensure a correct response.

The workshop introduces students to the key structures and functions that enable correct crisis management. Careful emphasis is placed on the difference between ground level incident response and strategic crisis management – both activities must work in concert to successfully navigate the problem. Additional topics include the composition and roles of the teams in question with case studies that highlight both failings and successes.

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Please email us at: or telephone/WhatsApp on +44 754 026 9827 to find out more.

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Workshop Director

The workshop director is a specialist risk consultant focused on the nexus of security and human rights.  He has worked across the risk spectrum in support of retail banking in Afghanistan, national parks in the Democratic Republic of Congo and agri-business in Honduras and Guatemala. Sector relevant experience includes an enduring commitment to the Trans Adriatic Pipeline in Greece, Albania and Italy, specifically in the field of managing public security and its interface with host communities.

Previously he was part of the Aga Khan Development Network’s (AKDN) International Security Team advising on commercial, philanthropic and faith based enterprises across East Africa, the Middle East and Asia.  Assignments varied from investigating fraud cases for an international airline, improving information coordination throughout a luxury hotel chain and devising acceptance strategies for telecoms infrastructure in high threat environments.

The course director began his corporate career in Goldman Sachs’ Office of Global Security delivering protective services in support of the bank’s 26 offices in Europe, Middle East and Africa.  He served for 10 years in the British Army and has a post graduate degree in Anthropology.

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