Details: Virtual Workshop on CSR

CSR works on the basis that good neighbours equate to good sustainability and good security.  Our virtual workshop is designed for:

  • Community relations staff
  • Project managers
  • Security managers
  • Government affairs  staff
  • Senior executives at the CEO, COO and Head of HR level

Benefits of attending the workshop: You will deepen your understanding of CSR, its application and relevance to all business functions; understand CSR risks: and how getting it wrong in one area can impact all others; learn how to align your CSR efforts with best practice: international standards and soft instruments of law; ensure that you pre-empt problems and increase project resilience; learn the basics of risk assessment; gain tools on how to respond when things go wrong with the local population.

Content: what is CSR and how does it impacts natural resource sector projects?  Guidelines on the following:

  • People – ethnicity, health and safety, gender and inclusivity.
  • Planet – use of water, land, ecosystems and power. Emissions and pollution.
  • Partnerships – engagement with local communities, regional and central government and affiliates.
  • Prosperity – economic and financial consequences of a project.
  • Peace – conflict potential with communities and stakeholders, use and role of private/public security, corruption and ethics and respect for rule of law.

Case studies that illustrate the above drawn from mining, oil and gas, agribusiness etc.

Duration:  3 hours.

Dates:  per client needs.  WBC will arrange groups, or the workshop can be in-house.

Price:  $380 per person.  Group rates and multiple workshop discounts available.

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