FREE Webinar Series: Downloads

Thank you for you interest in our FREE Webinar Series.  You can download the materials from previous webinars below.  If you would like to see upcoming live events please click here.

Tuessday 29th September at 1PM London (BST) – 1 hour:  How to Manage Stress and Pressure  Materials here.  Recording here , password:  4@4h^u=T

Thursday 6th August at 1PM London (BST) – 1 hour:  Leadership Essentials, a Personal Journey.  Materials here  .  Recording here , password:  eA.LX8CU

Thursday 30th July at 11AM Lagos – 1 hour:  Developing the Marginal Field Business Case.   Materials here.  Recording here , password:  *Z0&f#EY

Tuesday 30th June at 1PM London (BST) – 1 hour:  Managing Supply Risks Materials here.  Recording here, password:  9T#!4b#3

Tuesday 23rd June at 1PM London (BST) – 1 hour:  Corporate Social Responsibility Materials here.

Tuesday 26th May at 1PM London (BST) – 45 minutes:  Crisis Management.  Materials here.

Tuesday 12th May at 1PM London (BST) – 1 hour  Career Management in a Chaotic Energy World.  Materials here.

15 April 2020 – 45 minutes  Introduction to Virtual Work.  Materials here.


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