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We have put together a FREE Webinar Series to help you get the most out of working remotely.  The webinars will cover a range of management, leadership and business issues.  Please check back regularly as the schedule is continually updated.

You can also download materials from previous webinars here.

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Upcoming FREE Webinars

Our next webinar will be in October – details coming soon.

Previous Webinars – Download Materials

Tuesday 29th September at 1PM London (BST) – 1 hour:  How to Manage Stress and Pressure.  This workshop will introduce and enhance attendees’ understanding of Emotional Intelligence – the need and ability to identify and manage their emotions and those of others – so that they, along with colleagues, can make better decisions in the midst of times of stress and pressure.  Participants will gain a better understanding of how they and how others react to stress and learn strategies for how to best react to problems caused by pressure and conflict.  Stress, conflict and anger impede decision-making abilities and cause teams to fall apart, make poor decisions and so become less effective.  Your facilitator for this workshop will guide you in the ways you can become more aware of potential stressors and other emotional ‘triggers’ that impact your performance (and life) and what effect this can have on yourself and others – and then look at some ways to both prevent and respond to stress and pressure in the workplace.

Download materials here.

Thursday 6th August at 1PM London (BST) – 1 hour:  Leadership Essentials, a Personal Journey.  Join us as we take you through a speedy 45 minute history of leadership as a learning topic.  See how it morphed from the ‘qualities’ approach to the ‘situational’ and then ‘social and functional’ approach. The journey will include a moment or two of sudden and great revelation and realization that will help you to place your leadership style in the context of those around you.  Your presenter will share from his own decades long journey as a leader and working in executive leadership development.

Download materials here.

Thursday 30th July at 11AM Lagos – 1 hour:  Developing the Marginal Field Business Case.  E&P boards and investors almost always rely on a structured Business Case to assess competing ideas when allocating scarce capital and resources, to understand the What, Why and How of a project, as well as its strengths and weaknesses. This is a real opportunity for managers and entrepreneurs to develop an impressive and compelling story for their ideas, and understanding how to do this well is a vital part of presenting the rationale for investing in marginal fields.  This free webinar will address the main topics that you will need to include in the marginal field business case.

Download materials here.

Tuesday 30th June at 1PM London (BST) – 1 hour:  Managing Supply Risks.  Most organisations spend more  on suppliers than they do on their own staff.  It is critical to business success that supply risks are fully understood and managed effectively, as is sadly and sharply shown by challenges faced in the current pandemic. Supply risks could be within either the external environment, supply markets (raw materials- including sustainability, components or finished products), supply chains, individual suppliers, or internal supply management capability. They could be Commercial, Operational, CSR or Compliance in nature. This free one hour seminar introduces a structured approach for identifying, assessing, prioritising, mitigating, and monitoring supply risks. It  highlights how segmentation can be used to focus management effort on key high value/ high risk suppliers.

Download materials here.

Tuesday 23rd June at 1PM London (BST) – 45 minutes:  Corporate Social Responsibility has come into sharp focus in recent years due to civil society action in the developing world, shareholder expectations and a growing societal commitment to the duty of care. The natural resources sector and those who invest in it have to deal with stewardship codes, sustainable development goals and the associated risks of fragile community dynamics. Understanding Corporate Social Responsibility has never been so important. Done well, it is a business enhancer that sets practitioners apart from competitors and energises host societies. On the other hand, companies that get CSR strategies wrong can incur enduring damage. This FREE webinar offers a taster of key CSR themes to consider against a backdrop of relevant  case studies.

Download materials here.

Tuesday 26th May at 1PM London (BST) – 45 minutes:  Crisis Management.  Organisations that plan for crises survive them. Resilience and ‘corporate muscle memory’ can only be built through training and preparing for the unexpected. Drawing on historic shock impact crises such as 9/11 and the current pandemic, this FREE webinar explores the psychological effect of crisis on individuals, groups and institutions and the behaviours needed to ensure a correct response.

Download materials here.

Tuesday 12th May at 1PM London (BST) – 1 hour  Career Management in a Chaotic Energy World. This 1 hour free webinar shows you how to prepare for managing your career during a period of chaotic change.  Lessons are drawn from history and best practice tips shared on how to be part of the top 5% who thrive during dramatic change rather than becoming victims.  The world is changing at an unprecedented pace and in an unpredictable way: those who do not adapt will become victims and those that evolve will flourish.  This webinar will be suitable for:

  • Anyone who is worried about future growth opportunities in a post-Coronavirus economy.
  • Those that want to build their capabilities to stay relevant to their company in the future.
  • Those who are thinking of a career change.

Download materials here.

15 April 2020 – 45 minutes  Introduction to Virtual Work.  A short webinar to help you to prepare for working away from the office.  Get the basics right and set yourself up for success with these guidelines.  We look at working from home from three perspectives. Each of these is equally important over an extended period away from your normal office environment.

  1. Productivity: we provide a few basic guidelines to help you to get into the right frame of mind to work from home and a structure to keep you organized and focused.
  2. Connectivity:  some tips to help you to feel connected to you company, your team, your work colleagues and to maintain the informal communication that goes on all the time in a business.
  3. Wellbeing:   help with feeling supported, being connected and keeping activity levels up.  These are all essential elements of working from home and become more important the longer this style of working goes on.

Download materials here.


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