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Project Governance: Are you involved with supervising key projects, field development planning or asset value optimisation? Are you responsible for assessing project delivery on behalf of investors, regulators or state sponsors?  Attend this course to understand the key principles of successful project delivery and improve your business performance.

27 29 April 2020

Like all our programmes, this is an intensive and interactive course, immersing you in the subject over two days and ensuring an immediate impact on your return to day-to-day working. Delegates consistently evaluate our courses highly, with satisfaction scores of 8.9/10 and recommendation scores of 9.2/10.

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Why is Project Governance important?

The Oil and Gas Industry has a poor record for project success, particularly over the last 15 years up to 2015.  The lack of effective governance is often quoted as a significant factor. Most companies have detailed governance procedures but they tend to be poorly implemented. This matters more than ever in today’s challenging economic environment.  The need for effective oversight to ensure value optimisation of the asset, timely buy-in from stakeholders and financial institutions has never been greater.

The challenges are likely to remain for the foreseeable future and the pressure is huge: successful project governance is a major competitive advantage for those who get it right.

This course aims to provide an overview of key principles of successful Project Governance and Delivery.  It includes useful tips and insights  regarding decision making and stakeholder requirements (including as a non-operator).

Who should attend?

The programme will benefit anyone relatively new to, or requiring an overview of:

  • the selection, design and supervision of key projects, field development planning and asset value optimisation:
  • governance of projects and associated critical investment decisions over the course of asset development (either from perspective of Operator, Non-Operator, Government authorities, NGOs, financial analysts, etc.)

All of the learning modules outlined will be supported by exercises, to ensure that the core messages are highlighted and participants have an opportunity to put the skills developed into practice. The sessions will be high energy with lots of interaction and discussion.

Book your place now: please note prices ($2,990) are in US$. If you prefer to pay in sterling, the price is £2,400;

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