Managing Risk in Today’s Oil Business

London_purchasedOil risk management – A Seminar for Industry Executives, Advisors, Investors and Government Officials.

How do you manage risk when deciding whether to drill, sell or invest?

At each stage of the evaluation process, as new information emerges, different risks present new challenges: understanding those risks, and knowing how to manage them, is crucial to success.

Managing Risk in Today’s O&G Business specific details and to register for a place:  London, Lagos.

This 2 day course provides delegates with the knowledge and confidence to make the right decisions for their business. It runs in London  and Lagos,  and covers appraisal techniques, geological risk, country risk and commercial risk.

If you need further information, please email us at or telephone/WhatsApp +44 750 005 3731.

Delegates leave with greater confidence in assessing risk and making decisions amidst uncertainty, identifying how to add value through portfolio optimisation and using the right information to evaluate and decide on projects. The full pack of course material includes a risk matrix checklist for future appraisals.

For the full programme details download a brochure from the table below:

25th-26thRisk ManagementLondonDownload brochure
16-17Risk ManagementLondonDownload brochure
7-8Risk ManagementLagosDownload brochure
23-24Risk ManagementLondonDownload brochure


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