Essentials of Oil & Gas Commercial Contracts & Negotiations – London

This practical and interactive oil and gas training programme is a 3-day course for managers, in-house lawyers and their advisers. It provides a thorough understanding of the range of commercial contracts used in the industry, and how to negotiate them. Attendees leave with a practical perspective on how these contracts relate to one another and a toolset of new negotiation skills.

January 22nd-24th, 2018                                                                        October 1st-3rd, 2018

This is a business training programme with limited technical content.There will be an opportunity to learn about and practise negotiations as the second half of this programme is a negotiation skills workshop. No previous business training is required to take this course.

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*Please note that prices are in US Dollars. If you would rather make your payment in sterling, the price is £2,400; 

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