Essentials of Oil & Gas Commercial Contracts & Negotiations – Erbil

Gain a practical perspective on how oil and gas commercial contracts work and a toolset of new negotiation skills  by joining The Essentials of Oil & Gas Commercial Contracts and Negotiations programme.

18th – 20th April 2016

Attend this training course in Erbil and benefit from:

  • An understanding of the relative positions, roles and obligations of all parties in negotiations
  • A solid framework in oil and gas contracts and an understanding of the risks involved
  • An intuitive understanding of how oil and gas contracts fit together and their commercial drivers

The 2016 brochure is available to download here.

This is a business training program with limited technical content.  There will be an opportunity to learn about and practice negotiations as the second half of this program is a negotiation skills workshop. No previous business training is required to take this course.

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The Essentials of Oil & Gas Commercial Contracts and Negotiations has been delivered all over the world and was delivered in Erbil for the first time in November 2013.

Who should attend this course?

Delegates are drawn from NOCs, IOCs, service companies and professional service firms, and financial institutions that serve the petroleum business. This course is designed for managers and in-house lawyers involved in contracts, JVs, partnerships and business development, and their professional advisers.

Feedback from Delegates

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