Oil & Gas Contracts and Negotiations

Contracts and Negotiations in London, Sept 2013

Oil & Gas Contracts and Negotiations Course in London

Oil & gas contracts are what make the industry work. Understanding the various types of contracts, how they fit together, and how to negotiate them is crucial to success in today’s competitive oil and gas market. With most projects involving multiple partners, including IOCs, NOCs and governments, they depend on successful collaboration underpinned by clear contractual obligations.

We run two courses to help you understand this complex and important part of the business, in London, Lagos and Jakarta:


The Essentials of Oil & Gas Commercial Contracts and Negotiations:  specific details and to register for a place:  London

International Oil & Gas Contracts specific details and to register for a place: Lagos, Jakarta

These are practical and interactive programmes, designed to give managers and in-house lawyers in oil companies, and their advisers in law firms, a competitive edge in drafting and negotiating oil and gas contracts.

If you need further information, please email us at angus@warrenbusinessconsulting.com or telephone/WhatsApp +44 754 026 9827, or download a brochure from the table below:

Oil & Gas Contracts

25th-27thInternational Oil & Gas ContractsLagosDownload brochure
9th-11thInternational Oil & Gas ContractsJakartaDownload brochure
10-12International Oil & Gas ContractsJakartaDownload brochure
February24 - 26Contracts and Negotiations in Oil & GasLondonDownload brochure
6-8International Oil & Gas ContractsLagosDownload brochure
5-7Contracts and Negotiations in Oil & GasLondonDownload brochure
23-25International Oil & Gas ContractsLagosDownload brochure
14-16International Oil & Gas ContractsJakartaDownload brochure

We can also customise these programmes as in-house courses to meet the specific needs of individual clients. Please contact us for further details on in-house oil and gas training.

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