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Oil & Gas In-House Training for Kelkan Contracting

Oil & Gas In-House Training: our training and education programmes cover the broad range of the petroleum value chain.  The emphasis is on providing attendees with a deeper understanding of the business that is immediately applicable in the work place. Programs are interactive and delivery is through formal presentation, flipchart examples, class discussion, case studies, group work and delegate presentations.

With a series of courses based on our core MBA in Oil & Gas programme, we provide learning & development support to individuals as their management career develops. The journey starts with a clear understanding of the fundamentals that drive the E&P business: subsequent courses explore risk management, project governance, oil & gas contracts, supply chain management and leadership. All are designed to improve decision-making and enable individuals to work easily and quickly across functions and regions.

The Benefits of Oil & Gas In-House Training

Clients often prefer to carry out a programme for a group of their employees.  These “in-house” training programmes can offer several advantages to the client:

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  • Choose a date to suit your schedule
  • Choose a location convenient for your colleagues
  • Customize the materials to enhance your team’s learning objectives
  • Customize the programme to fit with local needs, e.g. teambuilding, offsites
  • Reduce costs compared to attending a public programme


Saka Training

Saka Training


We will work closely with in-house Learning & Development teams as well as line managers in the design and development of course programmes to ensure that the course meets the requirements of both the individuals and the company. This includes regular follow up to ensure continuous learning for each manager as they progress through the company.

Feedback from Delegates

Did this course meet your objectives?
Score: 1=No, not at all; 10=Yes, fully
Would you recommend this course to your colleagues?
Score: 1=No, never; 10=Yes, unreservedly


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