Digital Transformation (DX) in the Energy Sector

How can you take advantage of the digital transformation (DX) of the energy industry? The potential for change is huge but many energy businesses are finding implementation of a digital strategy is difficult. For those who understand the business requirements and implications of a digital (DX) strategy, there will be plenty of opportunities both at an individual and at a corporate level. Our new course is designed to help energy firms generate better ROI on their digital investments by giving managers the knowledge and skills to manage a successful DX transformation.

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Digital Transformation in Energy – London 2020

Digital Transformation in the Energy Sector is a programme for business unit leaders as well as technology specialists, in all areas of the energy sector, including renewables. It will enable managers to understand the business case for digital investments and help them build cross-functional teams to ensure successful implementation of their strategy.

With two highly qualified directors and an interactive approach with industry-specific case studies this course will provide attendees with an inspiring, “hands-on” experience.

For further information please contact or telephone/WhatsApp +44 750 005 3731.

March2nd - 4thDigital Transformation in the Energy SectorLondonDownload brochure
September14th - 16thDigital Transformation in the Energy SectorLondonDownload brochure


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