3 Day MBA in Oil & Gas – Singapore

Working in the SE Asian oil and gas market? How would you benefit from an intensive, challenging and in-depth course on the upstream oil and gas business that gives you real insight into how the industry works?

Singapore December 4th- 6th 2017

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What’s holding you back from developing your career in oil and gas? Management opportunities open up for skilled professionals with broad industry knowledge and the ability to think strategically.

Attend The 3 Day MBA in Oil and Gas in Singapore and you will leave with the perspective of a CEO or Government Minister, better able to identify and create value for your firm and your career. The course will give you the knowledge and insight to build your technical experience into across-the-board-capability.

First run in London and Houston, this course now runs all over the world. It attracts a diverse range of attendees locally and regionally, representing companies such as ExxonMobil, BP, Petronas, CNOOC, Chevron, Schlumberger and many others.

After attending this course, you will

  • Have a greater understanding of the key dynamics shaping the business
  • Improve your capability in identifying opportunities and creating value for your firm
  • Be more effective in working with colleagues and partners at other companies
  • Improve your decision-making
  • Be in a position to broaden your career opportunities within the industry
  • Benefit from a network of new contacts and relationships

Course Content

The course is a practical and interactive programme, with lots of exercises and case studies. As much as possible, we will customize it to the needs and interests of participants.

Some of the topics covered:

  • The basics of petroleum geology, industry structure, supply chains, exploration and recovery and the project life cycles
  • The role of governments, NOCs, IOCs and the investment community
  • E &P business models
  • Appraisal techniques
  • Decision-making under conditions of risk and uncertainty
  • Joint Ventures and contracts

Who should attend?

Managers and senior professionals aiming to take on leadership roles in the oil and gas industry will benefit from this course. As your career develops and you take on wider responsibilities, you will need a broader understanding of the industry’s complexities. Whether you are in an NOC, IOC or working for a service company or professional adviser, this programme will give you a perspective that is hard to get amongst day-to-day pressures, but is vital to long term success.

For more information, download the brochure here or email training@warrenbusinessconsulting.com


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