Oil and Gas Training – The 3 Day MBA in Oil and Gas

Attendees in Houston, January 29th, 2014.

Attendees in Houston, January 29th, 2014.

How do you create value in the oil and gas business? Gain a clear understanding of the structure and key dynamics of the upstream industry by attending our 3-day MBA in Oil and Gas.

This is our core product, developed to meet the need for a fast, but comprehensive overview of the upstream industry, to help prepare future leaders moving from a technical role into a more general management role.

As well as industry high-potentials looking to move into general management, this course also benefits those who are serving the industry with advice or products – oil field services companies, engineering contractors, lawyers, bankers, technology providers – by helping them understand their client’s business and where they can add value,

It’s a practical and interactive programme, with limited technical content and extensive use of case studies and exercises. As much as possible we will customise it to reflect the needs and interests of participants.

The core elements cover:

  • The basics of petroleum geology, industry structure, supply chains, exploration and recovery and the project life cycle
  • The role of governments, IOCs and the investment community
  • E &P business models
  • Appraisal techniques
  • Decision making under conditions of risk-and uncertainty
  • Joint Ventures and Contracts

For full programme details download one of our brochures below:

London 3 day MBA_2016



Bali 3 day MBA_2016


After attending this course, you will

  • Have a greater understanding of the key dynamics shaping the oil and gas business
  • Improve your capability in identifying opportunities and creating value for your firm
  • Be more effective in working with colleagues and partners at other companies
  • Be in a position to broaden your career opportunities within the industry
  • Benefit from a network of new contacts and relationships

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