MBA in Energy in Transition

The energy world is changing and oil and gas is an industry in transition. Trends towards de-carbonization are accelerating, powered by both politics, public opinion as well as science and technology. As in other industries, disruption will bring new competition for current incumbents. But it also brings opportunities, and in many areas oil and gas firms are uniquely placed to take advantage of these.

London October 19 – 21 2020, more details here.

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Why attend this course? 

This new course is designed for energy company executives who want to understand the opportunities that lie ahead in the transition to low carbon energy, and what they and their businesses need to do to remain competitive and to succeed as the industry changes.  It will have a strong focus on areas relevant to the oil and gas sector, including national and independent oil companies along with their various professional service and supply chain providers. As well as looking at the world of renewables – in particular wind and solar power – it will cover some of the ways in which oil and gas companies can reduce their own emissions through, for example, carbon capture.

Whatever your daily focus, this programme will give you a perspective that is hard to get amongst day-to-day pressures, but is vital to long term success.

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