3 Day Leadership in Global Energy – London & Istanbul

How do you go from management to leadership in energy firms? What makes a great leader? Join the 3 day Leadership in Global Energy programme to experience what it takes to be a leader in the energy world and raise your career to another level.

22 – 24  June       2020   London

7 – 9 September 2020   Istanbul

Why attend this course? 

“Great leaders are born, not made”, say some. Course director Yanos Michopoulos (left) disagrees. Using his extensive experience of the energy industry, ranging from oil and gas through to renewables, he brings engaging insights into the art of leadership and the development of the skills that effective leaders need. Such skills, he argues, can be acquired and developed. The Leadership in Global Energy programme focuses on the transition from using hard skills – required by managers in planning, organising and operating – to soft skills – required by leaders for driving change, setting direction and inspiring high performance. Through personal and practical examples based on years of experience applying both hard and soft skills, Yanos provides a comprehensive understanding of how to be an effective leader, how to make better decisions, and how to build and motivate teams across functions and regions.

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In an energy industry that is facing unprecedented change and uncertainty, leadership matters more than ever. It’s the companies that develop a healthy leadership culture based on soft skills that will thrive.  Join this course and learn from those who have experienced such change over the years and led organisations through different cycles, different cultures and different functions.

What does Leadership in Global Energy cover? 

Leadership is vast topic. The actual content will be influenced by the needs and experience of course participants, and will draw on their own experiences and challenges to make the content as relevant and applicable to their careers as possible. For the full programme, download the brochure.

Day One: Defining Leadership; making the transition from management to leadership

Day Two: Leading Teams & Organisations; leading across functions, borders and cultures

Day Three: Leading your stakeholders; negotiating with boards, governments, NOCs, NGOs

This is an engaging and interactive 3-day programme; by using examples from the energy industry – Shell, BP, Vestas – and leadership icons from other sectors (Jack Welch, Alex Ferguson), plus tales of leading change across borders – including markets and cultures as diverse as the UK, Scandinavia, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan and Angola, the Course Directors bring their practical experience to the leadership theories of Goleman, Kotter, Kilmann and others.

Who should attend?

This course is for those managers and senior professionals with 5-10 years experience, who are looking to take on a greater leadership role within the energy industry. It is designed to complement the 3-day MBA in Oil & Gas course.

What are the Benefits of attending?

This course will inspire you to take a fresh approach to leading your teams. You will

  • Understand your own behavioural style, its impact on others and how to adapt to achieve positive outcomes, applying different techniques in different situations for high performance
  • Learn how to develop and communicate a shared vision across your teams
  • Understand the importance of cultural attitudes in a multinational, multi-functional organisation
  • Recognise that people have different motivators and determine the best coaching strategies that suit each individual.
  • Improve your ability to make difficult decisions, identify opportunities and lead change

Feedback from Delegates on Leadership in Global Energy

Did this course meet your objectives? Score: 1=No, not at all; 10=Yes, fully
Would you recommend this course to your colleagues? Score: 1=No, never; 10=Yes, unreservedly


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This course is delivered in collaboration with International Business House, a global provider of business intelligence to the world’s leading Oil and Gas businesses.




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