2 Day Risk Management – Lagos

Energy Risk Management: risk is everywhere in the upstream business and needs expert management. This course will help managers identify and mitigate risks – subsurface, country, commercial – throughout the appraisal process, enabling them to create value.

11th – 12th September 2017

Energy Risk Management – A Seminar for Oil and Gas Executives, Advisors, Investors and Government Officials. How do you manage risk when deciding whether to drill, sell or invest? At each stage of the evaluation process, as new information emerges, different risks present new challenges – understanding those risks, and knowing how to manage them, is crucial to success.

This course will help managers identify and mitigate risks – subsurface, country, commercial – throughout the appraisal process, providing delegates with the knowledge and confidence to make the right decisions for their business.

The  Course Brochure is available to download here.

What are the benefits of attending?

• Greater confidence in assessing risk and making decisions amidst uncertainty
• Improving their ability to select the best projects
• Identifying how to create value through portfolio optimisation
• Understanding the value of information in decision making, and how to find and use the right information
• Familiarity with the tools and techniques in evaluations

Course format

• 2 highly qualified speakers
• Combination of case studies, workshops and exercises over two days
• Cocktail reception and networking event at end of Day One
• Full pack of course material, including risk matrix checklist for future appraisals
• Easy post-course access to speakers for additional consultation
• Throughout the course we will explain the language and abbreviations used in the industry – understanding the jargon is a first step to dealing with the risk!

The course will cover:

• Economic analysis and appraisal techniques
• Detailed Risk Evaluation, NPV & EMV calculations,
• Decision Tree analysis and changing evaluations in the face of new knowledge
• Commercial agreements – their interlocking nature and the need for Due Diligence
• Risks
• Sub surface
• Commercial
• Low oil prices
• Country risks – introduction to types and evaluation techniques
• Contractual and Regulatory
• Expropriation
• Fiscal
• Political
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Lagos 11-12 September 2017 $2,990 (USD)  

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