What are the prospects for 2017?

How do you feel about prospects for the oil business and your career in 2017? Where will the oil price be in 12 month’s time? What are the biggest skills gaps in the E&P sector? What skills would you want to develop? Please join in our annual survey [Read more…]

Project Governance and 2017 Challenges

We are delighted to announce that Bob Laidler, our Project Governance Course Director, has joined the Board of WBC Training. Bob’s expertise lies in helping individuals and businesses in the oversight of complex projects, with a particular emphasis on effective decision making and stakeholder buy-in.  In his first blog for us, Bob explains the importance of effective project governance in today’s market: [Read more…]

8 Steps to Managing Your Career

In an industry caught up in a whirlwind of market forces, economic uncertainty, and regulatory and technological change it’s often easy to feel that there’s little you can do about your career prospects. We disagree, and we invited Ken McKellar, an expert on helping oil and gas executives manage their careers, to provide us with some advice on how to aim for career success even in the toughest of markets. [Read more…]

2016 Climate Change Survey Results

The 2016 results of our annual Climate Change survey are out. Every year we ask our network of some 7,000+ oil and gas professionals for their views on this contentious topic; our aim is to understand what they believe and feel about the issues, and what the implications for management are – it is not a survey to establish the rights and wrongs of a particular scientific argument. Over the years most respondents (92%) now agree that climate change is happening, but only 50% say it is due to human activities rather than natural causes – this is in contrast to the general population, where surveys in the US and worldwide tend to show a majority assuming it is due to human causes. [Read more…]

Inner Reserves – Valuing Your Skills in a Low Oil Price Environment

Valuing your skills in a difficult market: as part of our occasional series on career development in the oil industry and the skills needed to succeed, we asked Ken McKellar, an experienced adviser on career transitions, to comment on the options available to professionals in a low oil price environment: 
[Read more…]

WBC shortlisted for Getenergy Award

We are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for one of the prestigious Getenergy Awards. The leading marketplace for oil and gas training providers and IOCs, NOCs and service firms, Getenergy produces a variety of events and publications in addition to the annual awards programme that recognises the best in the industry. We have been shortlisted for the SME Training Provider of the Year award, based on the quality of our content, client engagement and a clear focus on the E&P world.

Please take a moment to vote for us by clicking on the link here  – we welcome your support!

[Read more…]

The Skills Gap & How to Manage It

In our 2016 Industry survey we asked for views on the skills needed for success in oil and gas. As well as collecting your responses, we looked over a series of industry reports on the skills gap and other HR issues in oil and gas, several pre-dating the oil price collapse.  Read our full  paper here

Three themes consistently crop up: [Read more…]

Innovate or Fail – Your Oil Industry Predictions

In January 2016 we asked for your predictions on the future of the oil and gas industry. In the first of two papers, we report on what you said about the oil price, the mood of the industry and its longer term future. A common theme throughout was the need for the industry to change – attitudes, working practices and business models. Innovation is essential – cost cutting is not enough.

Download the full report here.

As far as the oil price is concerned, you were broadly in line with the rest of the market, though a bit more pessimistic about a rise than many of the banks were (see report for comparison).

[Read more…]

Opportunities & Risks in Iran

Is Iran back in the international oil business? It certainly looks like it, but what are the opportunities and risks for the IOCs and various services supporting the industry? Our guest contributor, Steve Macvicar, editor of Eurasian Business Briefing, takes a brief look at what’s going on in and around the Persian Gulf.

Ever since it became clear late last year that the world powers were ready to relieve Iran of its economic sanctions, a steady stream of high-ranking multinational executives has quietly been trickling into Tehran, intent on re-establishing old ties and forging new ones.

High ranking representatives from the oil industry have been at the front of the queue, including delegations from BP, Shell, Eni, Lukoil and Total, as well as from major contractors to the sector such as Saipem and Mitsui. Iran is back in business, and it seems everyone wants a piece of the action. [Read more…]

Nigerian firms invest in the future with management training

Despite the pressures brought on by the low oil price, it is encouraging to see Nigerian companies are still prepared to invest in training. WBC’s latest MBA course in Lagos had attendees from a variety of banks, insurance companies and offshore support contractors. The course ran in January at the excellent Eko hotel. [Read more…]

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