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Discovery Chance of Success – What are the Odds of Another?

David Finlayson, Chairman of WBC, comments on interesting analysis by Will Forbes of Edison that looks into the chance of success in exploration.  The original analysis, titled “Made a discovery? What are the odds of another?” can be found here. [Read more…]

Key Highlights of Africa Assembly 2016

WBC’s Angus Warren and David Finlayson attended the superb Africa Assembly, run by the Oil and Gas Council, in London this week.  The event was well attended by industry and there was lively debate on the state of oil and gas in Africa in 2016.  Below is a summary of the key take-aways from the conference: [Read more…]

First Course for WBC in Jakarta

It was a week of firsts:  WBC’s first course in Jakarta and Colin Marshall delivering his first course as a WBC associate.  The 3 Day MBA in Oil and Gas had  attendees from consultancies, oil companies and service companies. The course ran in February at the excellent Park Lane hotel. [Read more…]

45 years in Exploration & Development: Looking back to look ahead

45 Years in Oil & Gas Exploration Cover imageWhat can you learn from 45 years in exploration & development? What will happen to our industry in the next 45 years?

Our Chairman, David Finlayson, takes a look back over his career to make some predictions for the future. It’s a personal and provocative view with some terrific pointers for those currently building their careers in our industry. At a time of change and short term volatility, it’s incredibly helpful to step back and remind ourselves of the longer term perspective.

David’s view of the industry in 2059 is optimistic – but not encouraging for those who assume business will revert to “normal” after the current crisis. More than ever, it will be important to understand the strategic issues shaping the business in order to be able to adapt – both on a business level but also on a personal career level.

Read the full paper here.

Please share your own views on the future and David’s conclusions:

We are also grateful to our friends at SAMI Consulting, Ridgeway Partners and Castor & Partners for adding their perspectives on leadership and careers in the industry in the future.


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