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WBC Attends NRGI Launch of Resource Governance Index

WBC’s Bob Laidler and Peter Smith recently attended the launch of the Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI)’s Resource Governance Index (RGI).  This impressive 3 year assessment of oil, gas and mining governance in 81 countries is aimed promoting good governance practices worldwide. [Read more…]

NOC Assembly June 2017: Feedback

WBC’s Jon Green and Angus Warren attended this year’s NOC Assembly, hosted by The Oil & Gas Council, in Paris on Monday.  The event was well attended, mostly by African NOCs and Ministries given the follow-on Africa Assembly the next day.  It was good to see old colleagues and to meet new. [Read more…]

Hydrocarbon Man: The Risks, Opportunities and Prospects for Oil & Gas in 2017 and Beyond

WBC’s Angus Warren gave a presentation at The Aster Club’s* spring meeting in London last week.  The talk, entitled “Hydrocarbon Man: The Risks, Opportunities and Prospects for Oil & Gas in 2017 and Beyond” started with an overview of an industry that touches every aspect of modern life from energy, to food, medicines and clothes.  Delegates learned how mankind has become “Hydrocarbon Man”. [Read more…]

What are the prospects for 2017?

How do you feel about prospects for the oil business and your career in 2017? Where will the oil price be in 12 month’s time? What are the biggest skills gaps in the E&P sector? What skills would you want to develop? Please join in our annual survey [Read more…]

Key Highlights of Africa Assembly 2016

WBC’s Angus Warren and David Finlayson attended the superb Africa Assembly, run by the Oil and Gas Council, in London this week.  The event was well attended by industry and there was lively debate on the state of oil and gas in Africa in 2016.  Below is a summary of the key take-aways from the conference: [Read more…]

The Skills Gap & How to Manage It

In our 2016 Industry survey we asked for views on the skills needed for success in oil and gas. As well as collecting your responses, we looked over a series of industry reports on the skills gap and other HR issues in oil and gas, several pre-dating the oil price collapse.  Read our full  paper here

Three themes consistently crop up: [Read more…]

Innovate or Fail – Your Oil Industry Predictions

In January 2016 we asked for your predictions on the future of the oil and gas industry. In the first of two papers, we report on what you said about the oil price, the mood of the industry and its longer term future. A common theme throughout was the need for the industry to change – attitudes, working practices and business models. Innovation is essential – cost cutting is not enough.

Download the full report here.

As far as the oil price is concerned, you were broadly in line with the rest of the market, though a bit more pessimistic about a rise than many of the banks were (see report for comparison).

[Read more…]

Who should lead oil and gas companies?

Many folk coming on WBC education programmes have aspirations in leadership and management. But what does Leadership mean to people in an industry driven by science and technology?

At a recent lecture by Sir Mark Alport (The UK Government’s Chief Scientific Advisor) at Brunel University London the following question came up: [Read more…]

David Finlayson of WBC Delivers Keynote at Brunel University

David Finlayson, Chairman of Warren Business Consulting recently gave a keynote address to the class of 2015 of the MSc in Oil and Gas Engineering at Brunel University London, where he is a member of the governing council.  Some 50 students and staff attended the talk entitled “Why the  oil and gas industry needs bright graduates from the class of 2015: A personal view from a graduate of the class of 1972 of the role of people, engineering and technology in the  cyclic  upstream oil and gas industry”

[Read more…]

Prospects for Oil and Gas in 2015 – Survey Results

Thank you to the 173 people who responded to this survey prospects for oil and gas in 2015. Respondents shared their views on what 2015 will mean for the upstream oil and gas industry and those who manage it. [Read more…]

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