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The Marginal Field Business Case

Companies are rushing to develop their Marginal Field Business Case now that the 2020 Nigeria marginal field bid round is up and running.  By some accounts there have already been over 300 expressions of interest.  The Nigerian Ministry of Petroleum Resources is quoted as saying that over 500 companies could apply. [Read more…]

WBC Moderates Panel at Moody’s Conference

WBC’s Angus Warren was the moderator at a recent Moody’s conference presented by Moody’s Analytics and Knowledge Services*.  The theme of the conference was technology and innovation and our panel considered the influence of disruptive technology on strategic investment decisions in oil and gas.

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Hydrocarbon Man: The Risks, Opportunities and Prospects for Oil & Gas in 2017 and Beyond

WBC’s Angus Warren gave a presentation at The Aster Club’s* spring meeting in London last week.  The talk, entitled “Hydrocarbon Man: The Risks, Opportunities and Prospects for Oil & Gas in 2017 and Beyond” started with an overview of an industry that touches every aspect of modern life from energy, to food, medicines and clothes.  Delegates learned how mankind has become “Hydrocarbon Man”. [Read more…]

Key Highlights of Africa Assembly 2016

WBC’s Angus Warren and David Finlayson attended the superb Africa Assembly, run by the Oil and Gas Council, in London this week.  The event was well attended by industry and there was lively debate on the state of oil and gas in Africa in 2016.  Below is a summary of the key take-aways from the conference: [Read more…]

Prospects for Oil and Gas in 2015 – Survey Results

Thank you to the 173 people who responded to this survey prospects for oil and gas in 2015. Respondents shared their views on what 2015 will mean for the upstream oil and gas industry and those who manage it. [Read more…]

The Importance of Public Image to the Petroleum Industry

Public attention to the petroleum industry may never have been higher and more critical than it is today.

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Why have Investments in E&P Performed so Badly?

Introduction:  There’s a good chance that many readers’ investments in E&P have disappointed in recent years.  Even the super-sluggish Supermajors and mid-sized companies such as BG and Oxy have delivered better shareholder returns (often through nothing more than dividend yield) than small cap E&P.  [Read more…]

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