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NOC Assembly June 2017: Feedback

WBC’s Jon Green and Angus Warren attended this year’s NOC Assembly, hosted by The Oil & Gas Council, in Paris on Monday.  The event was well attended, mostly by African NOCs and Ministries given the follow-on Africa Assembly the next day.  It was good to see old colleagues and to meet new. [Read more…]

A Presidential Address in Guyana

“How much oil and gas is there in Guyana?” asked a friend when I mentioned that I was visiting Georgetown in May.  It was my first visit to South America and my friend’s question was reasonable.  Most people would probably say that Guyana is more famous for cricket, Demerara sugar, gold, rice and rum.  But it was oil and gas training that took me there on this occasion.  The oil and gas industry in Guyana is at a very early stage of development, but given that the country is situated between Venezuela and Suriname (with established oil production) there is much interest.  Several E&P companies are already involved, including ExxonMobil, Shell, Repsol and Tullow.  My training programme was delivered as part of a joint venture between Minexco Petroleum and the Government of Guyana.

[Read more…]

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