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In addition to our regular newsletters, we publish occasional longer pieces on topical issues of interest to our readers and their careers in the energy business.  Please complete this form to receive your copies of our white papers.

Climate Change 2020 – Opportunities for Oil & Gas – based on a survey of energy professionals, we look at what the future holds for an industry in transition

Digital Transformation in Energy 2020 – we talked to senior clients and contacts and asked our own network of subscribers in a survey, to get their views on DX

Safety & Leadership in Energy 2019 – we look at the role of leaders in building a culture where safety is incorporated into everything they do.

Culture Clash – Leading Across Borders 2019 – we examine some of the challenges of cross-border leadership, with specific reference to the Middle East and West Africa

Leadership Skills in 2018 – Skills Gap Re-Visited – the issue of the skills gap is again hitting the Board room agenda

Talent Management 2017 – Skills Gap Re-visited – we ask respondents for their views on the future of the industry and the skills needed to succeed in it.

Active Career Management 2017 – oil and gas executives at all levels of seniority can continue to enjoy fulfilling careers in the industry.

The Skills Gap – 2016 – we look at what skills are required, and the skills gap that exists within the industry.

Innovate or Fail – 2016 Predictions – the WBC network’s views on the oil industry’s future. oil price, and the mood and future state of the industry.

Industry View of Climate Change 2016 – attitudes towards Climate Change within the Oil and Gas industry.

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