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Keeping up to date with trends and news in the energy business is a crucial part of career development. We publish various Oil & Gas Reports, guides and publications on the E&P world, as well as recommending reports and analysis produced by leading experts in the industry. Shell have just produced their LNG Outlook for 2017 – see below for the link.  

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Third Party Oil & Gas Reports and Publications and Forecasts

From time to time we will also use this page to provide links to papers from other organisations and experts that we think you will find interesting:

McKinsey have just produced a paper on the Future of HR in Oil & Gas. With over-supply and low prices, significant technological advances and changing demographics, the “war for talent” is changing. As we’ve identified in earlier papers (see above), technical expertise and experience is no longer enough. The new challenge is to find people with great leadership skills (and emotional intelligence, or EQ) who can drive innovation and cultural change through the industry. As McKinsey point out, this changes how HR approach talent planning. See full article here.

Shell recently produced their review of the LNG market in 2017, predicting strong growth and highlighting how China and India are dominating import growth, and noting LNG demand is outstripping global demand for gas. It’s available as a full report here, and summary graphic here or at their website – 

Wood Mackenzie highlight 5 things to look out for as recovery begins, including a rise in global investment, greater efficiency keeping a lid on costs and a challenge to governments’ fiscal rules  as they try to attract investment. Read the full report here.

Deloitte have created the Deloitte International Oil & Gas Tax Guides – a hugely useful source of information on tax regimes specific to the oil and gas industry

EY is a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services, with an extensive oil and gas practice. Recent reports include:

Annual transaction report, reviewing what happened in 2016 and looking at the trends for 2017. Download it here.

 EY’s expert view on Joint Ventures in Oil & Gas projects.

EY’s Top 10 Analyst themes for Oil & Gas, Q1 2017 (June 2017)



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