Developing the Team at a State-owned E&P Company

North Sea UK 1

The Challenge – Team Development: A European state owned oil and gas investor asked help of Warren Business Consulting seeking to build oil and gas capabilities within its professional staff, particularly the key dynamics of the oil and gas business and global trends within E&P. A secondary objective was to help with team building within the organisation.



Four key steps were taken:
  • Met with client to understand the opportunity and client specific needs.
  • Proposed a specific training programme to enhance the client’s professionals’ understanding of the oil and gas business
  • Brought in a WBC subject matter expert according to the client’s needs
  • Designed, developed and delivered a specific training course at the client’s location.


By applying the course, concepts and techniques:
  • The client’s staff have a better appreciation of their own and each others’ roles.
  • Individuals have an improved understanding of other functions, giving efficiency and productivity improvements for the client.
  • The team dynamic improved.
  • The client has a more motivated and effective staff.

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