Supervisory Skills Development at an Engineering Firm in Nigeria

Oil & Gas Supervisory Skills Development

The Client: the Lagos office of a European oil and gas engineering firm.

The Challenge: The Lagos office of a European engineering company approached WBC to help with supervisory skills development for a highly talented cadre of local team leaders, and to assist in succession planning efforts.  Attendees needed to understand what a good manager is and does; look at their role within the company and to identify where and how to improve; and to exhibit new behaviours and skills, particularly around coaching on the job, communication, collaboration and influencing


Three key steps were taken:

  • Worked with the client on a programme that was developed specifically for the oil and gas services company.
  • Built in WBC’s experience of working for many years in Nigeria and its understanding of the strategic context, political landscape and local issues.
  • Ensured the course was consistent with and built on other company training initiatives.


By investing in Supervisory Skills Development WBC’s client has:

  • Supported localisation and succession planning efforts.
  • Developed management capability to take the business forward; and furthered the development and motivation of a performance led organisation.
  • Gained the confidence and management capability to generate future success.
  • Given the team the tools to step up a gear to meet the new challenges.

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