Preparing for a Strategic Move into the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry

Oil & Gas Strategy: moving into E&P

The Client: The independent subsidiary of a major South-east Asian state owned firm that has a mid and downstream focus. The subsidiary had been through a period of extremely rapid expansion and growth into the E&P sector.

The Challenge:  the firm had taken a strategic decision to enter the E&P sector.  It faces formidable competition from an incumbent upstream focused NOC.  As it developed its upstream oil & gas strategy, the firm approached Warren Business Consulting to help improve the knowledge of its staff of the the key dynamics of the international upstream business.


  1. WBC’s local partner met with client several times to understand their specific needs.
  2. WBC customised the in-house course to suit the identified requirements and to focus on the particular areas of interest.
  3. WBC proposed a specific training programme that helped delegates to learn the key aspects of the upstream business, using case studies and examples from SE Asia.


  • The client ensured that their staff had a similar foundation and agreed interpretation the company’s upstream oil and gas strategy.  This was helped by having an in-house course for a relatively large number of attendees (around 20).
  • The staff improved their relationships with others inside their company, gaining an understanding of their colleagues’ roles, responsibilities and challenges for implementation of the new strategy.
  • The attendees were able to sharpen their business and commercial skills.  This focus on the commercial aspects of the oil and gas value chain was particularly well received by attendees.

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