Preparing for Market Entry

The Client: A national Asian oil company that has been expanding overseas in the past decades, largely through foreign-operated joint ventures, while the domestic business focused on the home market and market entry to it by IOCs.

The Challenge: in order to compete with IOCs in a global market and to support its international ambitions, the company recognised that their domestic team needed to increase their knowledge and understanding of overseas market entry – to adopt a more international outlook. In particular, they wanted to improve their ability to negotiate complex agreements with multiple stakeholders in new markets. Only limited time was available: as part of a week-long training and fact finding visit to Europe, they had a day to learn the key principles of new market entry.


Three key steps were taken:
  • We worked closely with the company and their advisors to define exactly what was required, identifying the key issues and desired outcomes.
  • We designed a one-day course based around a specific and relevant case study and selected two course directors with extensive international experience and also direct experience of the case study in question.
  • Fitting in with their tour schedule, we delivered the course in Aberdeen, combining case study presentations with interactive exercises, keeping the audience engaged throughout a long day.


The case study’s particular relevance meant that delegates were immediately able to relate it to their business and see how it would apply to their work in the future. Delegates went away more confident in their understanding of the process involved in new market entry. What they learnt during an intensive day would help them in their dealings with international investors at home, and would apply to future negotiations at home and abroad.

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