Corporate Social Responsibility at an Independent Operator

Building capabilities in CSR and holistic risk management in O&G projects

The Client: a U.S. based independent oil and gas company.

The Challenge: A U.S. based operator with assets in the Middle East  was embarking on a major field development programme that meant that the CSR agenda was rising in importance.  Managers and staff needed to be able to implement best practice in CSR initiatives to ensure project sustainability.  The operator approached WBC to help to develop its capabilities in CSR and holistic risk management in O&G projects.


Five key steps were taken:

  • Worked with client to design and develop a customised and localised classroom programme.
  • Course was developed specifically for the O&G sector and adjusted to meet client needs.
  • Brought in a WBC subject matter experts specific to the client’s needs and location.
  • Ensured the course was consistent with company plans and initiatives already in place.
  • Arranged local logistics to deliver a highly engaging and interactive course.


By applying the CSR course concepts the client will build capabilities in:

  • Enhancing the company’s brand with the local community.
  • Building a positive business reputation with key stakeholders.
  • Generating operational costs savings.
  • Attracting talent and retaining staff.
  • Holistic risk management and how to implement it.
  • Maintaining its license to operate.

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