Case Study – New Market Entry

market entry case study

The Challenge: A major Asian oil company approached Warren Business Consulting. It was seeking to enter new markets in Europe, but was aware that some of its managers were unfamiliar with local conditions and practices and might lack confidence in negotiations with a multitude of different stakeholders, putting them at risk of not maximising their return on investment.


Four key steps were taken:
  • Met with client to understand their specific needs.
  • Proposed a specific training programme on the key aspects of preparing for entry into new markets.
  • Designed, developed and delivered a specific training course including a customised case study of a previous market entry exercise.
  • Focused on negotiation skills and understanding the needs and expectations of different stakeholders.


The following was achieved:
  • Delegates understood, and were more confident in, the negotiation process.
  • Delegates used the case study as a benchmark for investments in international markets.


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