Case Studies

Any training programme must deliver a return on investment, for the individual or the company and ideally both, with a “KASH” impact – Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Habits. Sometimes that will show up immediately as individuals apply new technical knowledge and skills; at other times the return may be more intangible and show up over time, as a result of changing habits and attitudes. The following case studies illustrate the different ways in which our courses have helped clients develop skills and change attitudes, and help their businesses grow.

In order to protect client confidentiality, these case studies are kept anonymous.

  1. Building Local Capacity
  2. Selling Oilfield Services
  3. Developing the Team at a State-owned E&P Company
  4. Step Change in Financial Skills at NOC
  5. Market Entry
  6. Preparing for a Strategic Move into the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry
  7. Management Development at an Independent E&P Company
  8. Supervisory Skills Development at an Engineering Firm in Nigeria
  9. Downstream and Petrochemicals for Leading Strategy Consultancy
  10. Corporate Social Responsibility at an Independent Operator
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